Internal development

Personal development shapes us as people and helps to achieve our goals which are leading to happiness. I think this is a very important issue and it would be worth having a real influence on it.

Many people think that nowadays we must always hurry  and we haven’t got time for anything. In my opinion it isn’t a  true. I think this is the result of wasting our time. ‘Time stealers’ are everywhere : in the internet (e.g. ‘Facebook’) , television (soap operas), computer (games , movies) etc. Of course it is important to have a connect with our friends but we don’t need to spend all day on Facebook.

I think a good way to personal development is to do some activities and read books.  From books we can learn a lot , all of the knowledge known by humanity was written in the books. I know many people who think that books are boring , in my opinion they are the best way to improve ourselves.

It’s really important to have something like a schedule of our day. This prevents the time loosing and gives us time to read or practice skills. And what about you?

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