From the U.S. to Spain – how travelling has helped me broaden my mind. (4)

December 1st, 2012 by Justyna Kościółek

by Justyna KOŚCIÓŁEK (1995), LOK Kraków/Poland

Nowadays, we don’t have any problems with moving around. We can freely travel between cities and even countries. Journeys give us an opportunity not only for recreation but it also has a high educational value.

That’s why I, when I was a child, I had an opportunity to go to the US. At that time my grandparents lived there so I visited them. I spent more than two months (whole vacation)  in Chicago. Being abroad, we get to know other cultures and habits. During my stay there, I had to adopt to a diffrent lifestyle.

I with my Indian friend !

An average day in a U.S. city is completely different than one in my country. As a small girl, I tried to understand every new thing I met and found out about. I was meeting various children. One day, by the lake, I got to know Indian children, and I spent a great time with them what helped me learn that in the world there aren’t only “white” people. And now I don’t agree with negative opinions about these people because I had contact with them.

I can’t deny that travelling also teaches how to cope in an unknown environment. The biggest advantage, for me, is absolutely the fact that it helped me to become independent even though I was just a child.

Mallorcan countrysides.

My second trip I remember best, is my last journey to Spain, Mallorca. Because of the fact that I was older than during the trip to U.S., I could better understand new things around me. The people  I was meeting were so courteous and explained to me a lot of things I didn’t understand – starting from when we should say “Buenos dias” and when “Buenas tardes” ending in habits or traditions of the Spanish. I’d say that the stay in Paguera (South Mallorca) taught me some patience. Why? Maybe I’ll give an example: when you wait for a bus, you must be patient because a bus-driver, even if there are seats in the bus, doesn’t always stop, so you have to wait for the next bus (and also it’s not sure that the next one will stop). After visiting Spain, I felt in love with  this country and I plan to go there again next summer holidays to spend more time there. That’s why I started to learn Spanish (myself at home, of course in  my free time).


To sum up, travelling and visiting new, before unknown places, is definitely a good way to develop ourselves. It can help us  look at life from different perspective and understand things which we weren’t able to understand. Sometimes, I’m a good example of it, it encourages us to try completely new things (for me it’s learning Spanish). It’s also an opportunity to improve our skills we already have, such as foreign languages.

And how about you? Did you take any journeys which changed your life or influence on your development ?

Souvenirs from the past and their contemporary equivalents – Iron

December 16th, 2011 by Justyna Kościółek

by Justyna KOŚCIÓŁEK (1995), LOK Kraków/Poland

In the past the Chinese used  pans with coal inside  to iron silk. In the eighteenth  century the  iron  was made  of one block of metal, polished on one side. After heating it up (e.g. on the plate of the kitchen oven) the heat was maintained for several minutes which made ironing effective. When the iron was getting cool, people had to warm it again. To improve the iron, people made a small hole for the charcoal. It allowed them to put tiny pieces of the heated coal inside the iron. In this way the high temperature was kept  maintained longer.  Later charcoal was replaced  by an iron bar heated up in the hearth. The contemporary electric iron which we have  been using until today wasinvented in 1882 by Henry  Seeley.