When people realize that they can’t catch up time,this is such as slapping for them.At this point ,the adults look the young people as capital and they want them to pick up life where they leave off.The young are aware of the adults’ aim too. Their only wish is to live their own life which they choose by themselves , not the life which adults choose for them.Do you think is this a crime ?To tell the truth,the only thing the adults have to do is to accept the change of not only the young but also the world.The adults can’t take time off us because of the fatigue caused by hard living conditions.I want to narrate a saying to you “If you leave alone the souls of the young like an unploughed,nettles and prickles grow there“ Isn’t it right?The other thing the adults have to do is not to despise to spend a short time with us.The thing which frighten adults and the youngs’ are not aware is “the wasted time “is the weak side of the young people.The young think that “is the time?” Never mind it! The adults can’t put up with the youngs’ disinterested and irresponsible behaviours.The cause of this is life experiences.They want us more spiritual things than a short time.The thing we have to do and they want us to do is a little respect to their thoughts and experiences.Our duty is to respect to these values.W e want to live with a hope that we don’t know how it will result, they also want to live with our respect to their remembrances.As a result there is no crime or guilty.There is no good and evil.Only,there are people who want to keep up with the change of the world and and unchanging human emotions.