How dance has changed me.

Dancing can be for someone an interest, hobby or just simply the way to spend free time. For some people, like me, it is a positive addiction and a way of life. When I am in the training room, I am in another world. There, I don’t have to worry about problems of everyday life. For few hours nothing is more important than dancing.

Dancing develops me in many different areas. First of all it develops my body, now it’s more flexible, coordinated, stronger and sturdier. As we know, move is good for our health. I believe that this will bring me good results in my future. Besides, dancing fiercely amazingly creativity. I have many interesting ideas and solutions in dance. I can create with my friends something innovate and really good. This is a great feeling, because we know that we can make and be a part of art. But dance is mostly a culture, and I as every self-respecting dancer learned a lot about the history of hip-hop. I know how steps were created and why they’re named as they are. I understand it and try to identify with this culture by motto ‘Peace, love, unity and having fun!’. I learned to respect people and things which they do. I can be a part of a team but I can also work on my own. I try to have an open mind, not to be restricted and go out of frame.

I traveled a lot to dance events. I’ve been to Denmark and Austria and I have a plan to go to France, Germany and the Czech Republic. So because of dance, I meet other cultures -what gives me a really good life experience and new point of view on a lot of stuff . I meet a lot of different but interesting people, who are crazy about dance as I am. I build new ties and have new social contacts. At the same time I can develop my language. So as we see, dance has an affect in many areas.

Dance has a huge influence in my life. I believe that everybody should have a kind of hobby which is as developing as dance is to me. It could be anything: sport, art, animals, technology- it really doesn’t matter what it is, what it counts is whether you truly enjoy it. Do you have anything like this?

One Response to “How dance has changed me.”

  1. I like your article! It’s very inspiring and shows how important it is to have loved activity. Such activities develop us in different ways. But if a person hasn’t got any activity, it often shows nothing good. It’s possible that such person will start to spend time with friends in the streets, snitch, start to smoke or drink alcohol (of course it depends on each of us).
    So I’m glad you have got an interesting activity and I wish you great achievements!