Piercings and Tattoos

KRISTINA WIEGAND (1995), JULINA CHIBBER (1995) Halepaghen-Schule Buxtehude, Germany

What was only reserved for criminals and sailors in former times is now commonly known among adolescents.

Arms, legs, stomachs, lips, eyebrows…

It is possible to have a piercing or tattoo almost on every part of your body. Nowadays, approximately 8 million Germans are either pierced or tattoed. However, for the job hunt it can be counterproductive to have body jewelry considering the fact that some employers do not even allow such things although it should be the private matter of a person.

Most young people don’t think sufficiently about their choice because what they have to keep in mind is that tattoos are permanent. If they don’t like it anymore or if it is too obvious, removing it by laser is painful, expensive and often leaves scars. Furthermore, there are many dangers of tattoos and piercings like infections due to bacteria.

On the other hand, tattoos can be artistic and truly expressive. Sometimes they even hold memories or show you the personality behind the person. Piercings are an accessory and many people have one because it simply looks good. Even earrings are piercings although people don’t think of them as such because they are nowadays seen as ordinary.

Piercings as well as tattoos emit a certain impression. You can be intimidated because the person appears tough or you can be intrigued due the curiosity you have about the story behind the tattoo.

In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves. However, a thorough selection of the motif, the body part or studio is necessary as well as a hygienic place to prevent infections.