Clothes make the man

KRISTINA WIEGAND (1995), JULINA CHIBBER (1995) Halepaghen-Schule Buxtehude, Germany

Everyone does it every day.

We send signals with our clothing- intentionally or not.

It is not dismissable that very often one’s apparel leads us to prejudices.

We think we know somebody, before we really know him. Quite often we draw wrong conclusions and miss the opportunity to get to know new, fascinating people.

However, the impression we get can also be right and important. Social groups, such as “Gothics”, “Skaters” or “Punks” define themselves with what they wear. Certain piercings, tattoos or just a special colour symbolises not only a vogue, but also interests.

So actually the colour of a blouse automatically gives us an impression of our counterpart. While colourful and light shades are said to seem happier and extrovert, dark ones give a rather sad and introvert or even elegant impression. So although that all depends on the situation, colours count a lot.

One could say it is impossible to send no messages with our style. Even somebody that does not care at all about outer appearance and wears whatever comes to his mind, gives at least just this information. Wanting to except themselves from this, there are some people only wearing black. But doesn’t exactly this statement give others information, too?

Above all we do not only show to other people who we are, but also who we want to be.

So all in all it is sure that clothes influence us and our fellowmen in our everyday-life.

One can argue if this is rather negative or positive, but it is sure that they represent our personality in a special way.