By Jlenia Famiani (1994), LSP Assisi/Italy

Internet is often seen as something dangerous for our daily life, and in some ways it is true, but we have to admit that Internet nowadays is very useful.

First of all we have to say that the Internet is a part of our generation and, because of that, we use it for almost everything. Internet is becoming our “best friend”, it has answers to any questions and problems.

These are the positive sides of the Internet, in my opinion:

First of all we have to understand that the Internet is not just Social Networks and friends, it’s also a source of informaton, in fact you can find a lot about different cultures and, in our case, it can help us find out similarities and differences among our countries.

You can be informed about what’s happening all over the world, and meet people from distant countries.

The Internet is useful to listen to music. It may sound ordinary, but let’s be sincere:
How many times do we listen to a song on the radio without knowing its title?? Almost every day, and what do we do to try to find it out?? We write some of the words we have understood on the net and immediately we find out what we were looking for.

You can buy things on the net, which is very improtant for people who have some problems and can’t go out to shop.

On the Internet you can attend school or university, or you can find useful material if you have missed some lessons at school because you had flu!

So as we can see the Internet has a lot of positive sides, which depend on the way we use it. If we can use it properly, we see that it’s not just a source of dangers and negativity but it has a lot of positive things which can help everybody.

Internet is a kind of treasure that we have the possibility to use, so let’s not waste it!

What do you think about it? Do you think that the Internet is just bad or do you agree with me when I say that is very useful from many different points of view?