Teenagers and their families

by Jennifer RAHBERGER (1995), BORG Krems/Austria

Family is the most important thing in the world for almost everyone. But at the age of puberty everything changes. So how important is family for young people today and how was it in former times?

In former times, teenagers without their families were nothing. They got everything they needed, like money and a home, from their families and they had to do what their parents told them, such as getting a job or marrying. When they were old enough, they married and built a new family. So teenagers were dependent on families.

Today teenagers are also dependent on their families but not as much as in former times. For example, teenagers today can get a job and work at weekends alongside going to school, so they can earn their own money and a bit of independence connected with that. They do not have to do the job their parents want them to. They do not marry when they are old enough, but they move out and if they have found the right person to marry, they also build a family.

Today, more and more parents get divorced so that the kids live at their mother’s or father’s home. Consequently, one of them gets more important to the teenager and at one place he/she feels more at home. So, maybe children see that their parents are contented and thus start thinking that family is not so important. Also, teenagers go through hard times and are always angry with their parents. They do not allow their kids everything they want and stuff like that.

All in all, we may presume that families were more important in former times than they are now. Today, lots of people get divorced and teenagers are angry with their families and try to keep their distance from them.


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