Although the World is Changing, People don’t Change

By Nakiye Güventürk, Tarsus/Turkey.

Maybe the problem is families’ transferring their life experiences to their children which they live with their own families.While they are doing this they are not  even aware  that there is a new generation.Therefore there are generation conflicts between children and parents.On the one hand while the young trying to create their own world, on the other hand their parents are trying to suppress the world which they are trying to create .But when the young  people are prohibited ,  everything  will be seen pretty , lovely  etc. and when they  feel  themselves alone,incomprehensible or  left out , first of all  they will diverge to these prohibited things.In order not to lengthen the  generation  conflicts, they will incline away from their parents and  they will  abandon themselves to remote areas.Like internet , television or telephone etc.The crime of the parents is saying “I don’t have time” instead of trying to understand ,talk,spend time or love the young and act with the logic “we have seen like this in our  family.”