By Elif Guleçoğlu (1996) Tarsus/Turkey .
Once upon a time there was a kingdom called Elysion. Elysion was quite a modern kingdom. Almost every house was full of modern equipment. Despite all this modernity and wealth, The people of Elysion had a big problem : They couldn’t control their time.

They had twenty-four hours in a day like everyone else.But they couldn’t finish their work on time. The King either. He had a meeting with the best professors in the kingdom. The king asked them to find the reason for this situation. Three professors set up their own teams. They began to do research in different parts of the kingdom. Their researches continued for one year. At the end,three professors sent a report to the king. They reached a common conclusion:’’ Using the time correctly.’’
This was a really serious problem . In one of the reports,an old tailor’s name was mentioned.His name was K. K was a tailor who lived in Elysia.The old tailor was able to control his time. This situation attracted the attention of the king. The king summoned the tailor.
After a long journey, tailor reached the palace. When the king and the tailor met,the king was very surprised.Because, there was only an old tailor.The old tailor did not seem different. He seemed everyone else.’’What makes him different’’ the king thought.
The king asked the tailor 
-What is your secret ? 
The tailor replied
-It is really easy !
Tailor took a deep breath, and then showed the red book in his hand.
-It is really easy ! I write my book just what I do. I choose the most important ones and I do them first.In my youth, I always chose the best time for playing technological games and chatting with my friends. And still I do.I never leave my work after . My time is under my control ! Here’s the secret ! If you make them, everything will be better.
The king liked the tailor said. Then, tailor’s thoughts began to be implemented.
In Elysia,days was still twenty-four hours. But now, people learned how to use it.