By Elif Guleçoğlu (1996) Tarsus/Turkey.
Culture reflects the historical and social  values of a society. So , culture is a mirror of society. In our age,technology is a culture too. Technology affects every aspect of our lives.

Language is cultural item and it interacts with technology. Technological words,foreign words,various abbreviations  , affect our language. Our language becomes richer; but many words do not fit the rules of grammar. So,we begin to use words in other languages. This change also affects the structures of people’s thinking. These words are not foreign to people now,and we start to think like an outsider.

Some words used on the internet,disrupts the structure of language and causes the  degeneration of language.

Language,is a one of the most valuable items of a nation. We have to be careful when we learning foreign language.

We should remember that language is a culture,and culture is one of the cornerstones of a nation.