The Youth Spirit (3)

By Betül Bozkurt (1996) Tarsus/Turkey.


Many people in the world say that the most beautiful periods of their life is their youth. Think. Is it really  the years when you lived  fully. Are the people who  say When I was young …old people? Of course not.  Physically getting older is an inevitable process. Our bodies are born young , grow older  in time. Old age is also defined as a state of mind  not to keep up with the calendar time we are. Although  you are young if you lose your  spiritual dynamism,you are old . The important thing is to keep the soul young without losing your  excitement,liveliness. As long as  the people don’t  lose the spirit of youth, they are young.


The Secret of Time : The Red Notebook


By Elif Guleçoğlu (1996) Tarsus/Turkey .
Once upon a time there was a kingdom called Elysion. Elysion was quite a modern kingdom. Almost every house was full of modern equipment. Despite all this modernity and wealth, The people of Elysion had a big problem : They couldn’t control their time.

They had twenty-four hours in a day like everyone else.But they couldn’t finish their work on time. The King either. He had a meeting with the best professors in the kingdom. The king asked them to find the reason for this situation. Three professors set up their own teams. They began to do research in different parts of the kingdom. Their researches continued for one year. At the end,three professors sent a report to the king. They reached a common conclusion:’’ Using the time correctly.’’
This was a really serious problem . In one of the reports,an old tailor’s name was mentioned.His name was K. K was a tailor who lived in Elysia.The old tailor was able to control his time. This situation attracted the attention of the king. The king summoned the tailor.
After a long journey, tailor reached the palace. When the king and the tailor met,the king was very surprised.Because, there was only an old tailor.The old tailor did not seem different. He seemed everyone else.’’What makes him different’’ the king thought.
The king asked the tailor 
-What is your secret ? 
The tailor replied
-It is really easy !
Tailor took a deep breath, and then showed the red book in his hand.
-It is really easy ! I write my book just what I do. I choose the most important ones and I do them first.In my youth, I always chose the best time for playing technological games and chatting with my friends. And still I do.I never leave my work after . My time is under my control ! Here’s the secret ! If you make them, everything will be better.
The king liked the tailor said. Then, tailor’s thoughts began to be implemented.
In Elysia,days was still twenty-four hours. But now, people learned how to use it.

Language and Culture

By Elif Guleçoğlu (1996) Tarsus/Turkey.
Culture reflects the historical and social  values of a society. So , culture is a mirror of society. In our age,technology is a culture too. Technology affects every aspect of our lives.

Language is cultural item and it interacts with technology. Technological words,foreign words,various abbreviations  , affect our language. Our language becomes richer; but many words do not fit the rules of grammar. So,we begin to use words in other languages. This change also affects the structures of people’s thinking. These words are not foreign to people now,and we start to think like an outsider.

Some words used on the internet,disrupts the structure of language and causes the  degeneration of language.

Language,is a one of the most valuable items of a nation. We have to be careful when we learning foreign language.

We should remember that language is a culture,and culture is one of the cornerstones of a nation.

Disagreements about technology

By Elif Guleçoğlu,(1996) Tarsus/Turkey.

Especially  the teenagers deals with developing technology. Some of us uses the internet for learning news from all around the world and some people  use the internet for making friends from all around the world.This situation especially  affects our families.Whereas  our families think that we are an asocial generation, we young think we are getting more social.Generation gap has occurred because of this situation. Young complain about families can’t adapt to developing technology. Therefore teenagers  have  some troubles with their parents.Sometimes they forget that once upon a time they had the same problems, when they criticize us.So the generation gap never stops. if there are curious people on the world,changing will never stop and every person -firstly we young- has to adapt this changing . Otherwise this changing makes us really ”asocial”.

The most important one is knowing our limits

By Elif Guleçoğlu,(1996) Tarsus/Turkey.

Thanks to social Networks , we can make friends from all around the world and learn what our peers doing,what they wear etc. Communicating with other people in different cultures is so good for us.But sometimes we want to be like them.Ex:Live like them.Usually we think that they are more free than us.It isn’t true ; because cultures is different and every cultures have some rules.Sometimes we must obey the rules. Culture is a process and it is very difficult to change . Every nations has cultural rules.We should take care of our culture and other cultures . When we do it , we will happier. We should be aware of the innovations and use the technological tools.Change won’t stop and we can not forget our cultural values.

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