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Intercultural Communication and Cooperation – Problems and Solutions

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You made some valuable experience by applying a particular kind of communication or a special cooperation method within your International Editorial Team (IET)? Please, publish it here and let your colleagues share and discuss about your best practice proposals.

If problems appear in your IET concerning communication or cooperation – which is quite normal! – you can discuss on them here together, in order to find some solutions, smart and agreeable for everybody.

By defining and then applying such know-how-principles/rules for international teamwork you don’t only help to improve your IET work, but you can also acquire intercultural competences. We recommend the following description structure:
* Principle (rule) of international students’ teamwork
* Situation (containing a good practice example or a problem solved by the principle)
* Application (concrete examples how the principle can improve our international teamwork)

It is one of the major aims of this project to gather principles and rules for a good international teamwork between students at the international level. So each active member should participate in this group.