(2)The permanent fight between animal and human being

December 18th, 2012 by graf3franziska3s

Franziska Graf (1995) HPS, Buxtehude ,Germany

It was the first chance for the Ukraine to present the European Championship and to present their state to the world.

Everybody was so excited because of this event. Football is nowadays an event many people come together, because everybody wants their team to win.

It is very important for a country- by an event like this – to show the best of their nation and their beautiful country. But the Ukraine had a problem!

The problem was that in the Ukraine live over 100 thousand stray dogs. The inhabitants suggested that the dogs were aggressive and bite people, for the government that were bad news. So what should they do against this?

Instead of a castration the government preferred another and faster method. They called it an environmentally friendly method. The idea was to kill all the stray dogs (also cats) that live in the Ukraine.

As PETA – the organization of animal protection- noticed this project they travelled to the Ukraine in 2011. What they saw was horrible and touched their hearts because everywhere they saw death dogs who just jerked with their legs. It was unbelievable that the people who live there and saw this treatment everyday looked away and did not do anything against the project of the government.  The government said that this project was not their idea but rather the idea of the habitants. They promised that they would stop and find another way to decrease the number of the stray dogs!

I think that everybody knows that the Ukraine did not do anything against it, no it was different; after the visit of PETA, the project even increased! Head money as a prize for every dog who was killed was promised! Animal shelters were the last resort for stray dogs where they died because they got no food! For the people it was normal to give them toxin or shout at them! There was no chance to stop this treatment and to rescue the poor dogs which were just killed because of the disability of the people who don´t know how to live with a dog or a cat!

I am a person who has a little dog and when I heard these news I was shocked. I think that more people are of the same opinion as me that animals have not deserved this treatment!

I want you to think about it. I want you to stop this treatment. I know that we cannot do much but we should help organizations like PETA.

This event really changed my life and I started thinking more about the protection of animals. Over 15 million people in Germany have a pet. I can´t understand why people give their pet away; first most of the people think they have got enough money for a pet but then they give it away because of a lack of  time and money. So it is really important to think first about this topic! When people really think about it the number of the stray dogs will get smaller and countries like the Ukraine wouldn´t have problems with stray dogs.

Not only families should think about it, also the government should find solutions to protect animals and prevent many animals from being killed only because they seem to be a danger for children and other people.

With this text I want to tell you that we should help organizations like PETA and first think about this topic before buying a pet and not caring for it. Please don´t ignore this problem because they are just animals! No, they are living creatures!  That is why they should also have a chance to live in our world!


It would be nice if you could say your opinion about the topic that animals have to die because they are just animals.

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