By Luise Kamps (1995), HPS Buxtehude/ Germany; Paula M. Gorrochategui (1995), DS Bilbao/ Spain and Cora Blanco (1995), DS Bilbao/ Spain.

The project we are going to talk about took place in the town of  Silute between the days 29 and 31 of May. The members of the team were: Laura Saldauskaite, Roberta Stirbyte, Viktorija Pleikyte  (Lithuania), Ayca Karaca (Turkey), Paula M. Gorrochategui and Cora Blanco (Spain) and Luise Kamps (Germany).

We started the project by asking ourselves what “healthy life” means. After some talk, we decided to focus on food and sports, the basics. The challenge was that we had to put it someway little kids would understand it (and like it!). Then, our group collected ideas about how to present this topic.

About the food section the result was doing it visually, by drawing pictures of healthy and unhealthy food. The reason for using drawings and no pictures was to make it more attractive to the six year old kids. In the drawings (which WE draw ourselves putting a lot of effort) we left a gap where the children had to chose whether it was healthy or not by drawing a smiley or a sad face. Additionally we didn’t want to forget the international character of the project, so wrote the name of each product down in six different languages (English, German, Spanish, Polish, Turkish and Lithuanian).

Next step we thought that physical activity should be fun for kids, so they like and don’t refuse to do more in the future.

Real sports were not an option, because they were really young, so we put in their place games and dancing. The Lithuanian members suggested a typical game called “Jurgeli, meistreli”, and the Spanish ones the “Macarena dance”.

Last we blew a few balloons (one for each kid) and wrote in our mother languages something we wish for them. We also drew things on them, like smiley faces, flowers, suns and animals.

At the Kindergarten everything took place successfully, the kids enjoyed the activities almost as much as the students did.