By Giulia Bottoloni (1994) LSP Assisi / Italy

Young people are less tied to tradition and the past than adults are, so it is normal that they are more prepared to put into question the present system of rules. Because young people are not completely formed and defined by the society yet, they still have that component of imagination and creativity that allows them to feel free to reinvent themselves again and again, out of fixed rules and schemes. Especially in this particular historical moment  in which young people are not part of the priorities of governments all over the world, as the little interest on investing on school and the data on the unemployment of young people shows, more than ever youth should represent a change for the future.

It isn’t just about their predisposition for  thinking of completely innovating new technologies, but their political commitment could represent a turning point in the status quo of many countries, for example think of the North Africa Revolutions, in whose success young people had a very important role. The will of changing that  young people have can be seen for example in their massive participation in manifestations, like the ”Indignado” ones, or the  ones held  in Greece, in France or in Spain  last year, even if these events are just a protest against something, and youth are never given the opportunity to act  positively to create an alternative to  what they are  protesting against.

A wave of conservatorism is keeping youth from giving a social contribution: young people are raised and educated with contemporary social standards, but when their moment comes, their places are occupied by men of trust who defend each other’s interests and privileges. If this didn’t happen the world would have the chance to experience a great change.

Young people should be united all over the world, and show their  interests actively in all these important events, instead of being disinterested in politics, economics and society in general. It is true that everyone is free to choose the things he wants to be engaged in and those he wants to ignore, but now we are all paying the price of this general and widespread lack of interest. Once this mobilization has started, governments will have to  listen to young people more, because they are a big mass and component of society that can’t be ignored. Politics must  invest in them since they represent the future.