Dancing – the way to keep fit and give the voice to your personality

May 11th, 2012 by gecaite ruta

Ruta Gecaite (1995) Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/ Lithuania

Dance is a type of art that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music, performed in many different cultures and used as a form of expression, social interaction or presented in a spiritual or performance setting. Dance can be participatory, social or performed for an audience. It can also be ceremonial, competitive etc. Dance can embody or express ideas, emotions or tell a story.

Everyone understands dances differently. One adores dancing very much and enjoys it. Other hates dancing and tries to avoid it. But dancing is very good way to keep fit, so a lot of people choose dancing like a type of sport. Majority of themare women. Dancing consolidates muscle of body and “burns” the calories. There are more plusses about dancing.

Person, who likes dancing and emote to it, can demonstrate himself for others without any words. He demonstrates his anger, love, nostalgia, sorrow, pain.. So dances are very good way to calm down, dispose bad feelings. Openly, a lot of people have some problems and can’t find a solution so they are nervous and unhappy. Dancing like other types of sport can help them to calm down.

Dancing has evolved many styles. Every dance, no matter what style, has something in common. It not only involves flexibility and body movement, but also physics. Different kinds of dancing sometimes require different things from body but not from heart and feelings.

What about you? Do you love dancing? Maybe you hate it? Which one do you prefer: dancing or other types of sport (running, swimming etc)? Comment and share your opinion.

The Role of Love in Youth Life

February 14th, 2012 by gecaite ruta

by Ruta Gecaite,  Šilutė/Lithuania.

Love is kind of feeling, which has many versions and depends on every individual character. John Lennon said: “All You need is love”. Love is important to everyone, no matter who they are or how they live.

There are two or more types of young people, when it comes to understanding of love. Some think that love is just a stupid thing, or people pay too much attention to love. While others state that love is the most important thing.

To be in love with someone is like the mania today. Teenagers go ape about love. They are in search of a person, who is gorgeous, suitable for them. Their love sometimes continues just for a couple of days or months. It hurts people who are more mature.

Unrequited love is painful. Love is the thing, which can’t be created by force, it comes from the inside and there is nothing to be done.

All I can say about love – love exists. It gives lots of happiness. True love continues through lifetime, but not everybody finds a person, who gives him everything from his heart.

Today is Valentine’s day, so don’t forget to say for your parents, family, friends and sweethearts “I love you and thank you for all”.