Are we all victims of uniformity?

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Text by Gabriele Vagnetti (1994), drawing by Matteo Marini (1995), LSP Assisi/Italy


In our life there are events and situations that help us to grow. In  my life too  there have been  experiences that have  helped me to face different aspects of reality: the death of someone you love can make you consider relationships in a deeper way or it can make you think of  pain as something concrete.

Creating  a relationship with someone very important for you can help you live new and special emotions that give you a more mature sensitivity.

These examples represent only the most explicit part of what helps us to grow and, possibly, express ourselves.

In my opinion we should try to make the best of our life, which means that we should be less materialistic, less superficial and less predictable.

I say this because nowadays we all are inclined to be like  everyone else to be accepted by a mass that seems to enjoy being uniform.

This tendency plays against us because we lose the ability to be ourselves and we become  victims of our superficiality.

Perhaps trying to emerge from standard uniformity  and trying to impose myself,  being myself, without worrying about others’ opinions might be the best choice for me.

I think that many people think like me, but at the same time I fear that  expressing certain ideas could simply represent a way to appear mature or “different from the others” when actually  we feel reassured being the same as everyone else. I also think that today it is necessary to have the intelligence, patience and courage to think about  ourselves and to know what really can help us to change our life and to grow.  Uniformity vs individual growth: a dilemma. How to solve it?


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by Gabriele Vagnetti (1994), LSP Assisi, Italy

According to me love is one of the most important things in our life, I’m not speaking only about love between two people but love in general, for example: the love that joins you to your family or to your friends or the love that makes you happy when you are doing something that you like or simply, the love for a beautiful day.

As you know there are different kinds of love, but LOVE is the feeling that causes the strongest sensations inside you, so you can feel good, sometimes you suffer, you can also feel pain. For me the most beautiful characteristic of this feeling is the fact that it causes the same sensations in all of us: love makes us happy or makes us sad but at the same time represents something that unites us and is a common element in our different lives.

One of the most important things that I’ve felt and that sometimes can be frightening when we grow up, is how this feeling changes inside you, in fact, I think  love represents a dynamic feeling that has the ability of  adapting to different situations, in different periods of our life. It is, actually, strictly connected  with growing up and becoming adults: you perceive, then you realize that your attention is captured more and more deeply and in a more mature way.  Then you recognize it: this is one of the most beautiful moments because you start to see your  feeling under a different  light, you see it clearly.

Recognizing love when it totally invades you is very simple.  Recognizing it little by little, is something that, in my opinion,  shapes your personality and it’s also something that will never leave you. For example: you girlfriend  can decide to leave you, a friend can deceive you but the love and the friendship you have felt are part of you and will never forsake you.

To conclude, it is your duty to decide who you will give your love -  or your friendship -  to.

Try to give your love to someone that deserves it because it will always be part of your life.

Internet and social networks: Italian guys are the most vulnerable!

January 23rd, 2012 by vagnetti3gabriele3s

by gabriele vagnetti (1994) LSP/Assisi

An enquiry on over 25,000  European guys has revealed the  dangers and the benefits of surfing the net.*

-Italian guys start surfing at ten, which is later with regard to other European guys. Some of them surf every day and have an account on social networks.

This fact is a consequence of the diffusion of smartphones and mobiles, and the fact that there isn’t enough control by parents.

Italians are less competent than other Europeans in the use of the internet. On one hand this  protects them but it also makes  them more vulnerable of the risks of the net. Also, a lot of parents are almost completely ignorant and cannot help their children.

How to defeat this computer illiteracy?

The school has started programmes of information about the net to make  the big opportunities that it offers but also its dangers known.

Can it be dangerous to promote the use of computer for  children’s health?

Problems caused by the use of computer are the same as those caused by the use of tv: for example a sedentary life, so a responsible use of the computer must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, with lots of sport and open air activities.

What do young people think about social networks and their use?

-They can be useful to speak with several friends at once and to organise different kinds of meetings.

-They can be useful to have contact with friends we can’t meet, for example guys who study in another town or country.

-They represent a good way to communicate but they can be also dangerous for our privacy so we must be careful how use of them.

-They can be very important to advertise shops and factories.

According to me social networks are very useful for young people because they represent a very good way to contact friends, or  to get informed on the latest news or collect information. Sometimes the use of social networks can become like a habit, for example, when we start writing about our personal lives on the net it may represent a danger.  Only this fact  represents a risk. On the other hand,  there are many positive effects in the use of social networks because they improve communication and contacts among people.

*the survey was carried out among 25,142 guys from 9 to 16,  in 25 European countries and was financed by SAFER INTERNET PROGRAMME of the European Commission

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