Are we all victims of uniformity?

Text by Gabriele Vagnetti (1994), drawing by Matteo Marini (1995), LSP Assisi/Italy


In our life there are events and situations that help us to grow. In  my life too  there have been  experiences that have  helped me to face different aspects of reality: the death of someone you love can make you consider relationships in a deeper way or it can make you think of  pain as something concrete.

Creating  a relationship with someone very important for you can help you live new and special emotions that give you a more mature sensitivity.

These examples represent only the most explicit part of what helps us to grow and, possibly, express ourselves.

In my opinion we should try to make the best of our life, which means that we should be less materialistic, less superficial and less predictable.

I say this because nowadays we all are inclined to be like  everyone else to be accepted by a mass that seems to enjoy being uniform.

This tendency plays against us because we lose the ability to be ourselves and we become  victims of our superficiality.

Perhaps trying to emerge from standard uniformity  and trying to impose myself,  being myself, without worrying about others’ opinions might be the best choice for me.

I think that many people think like me, but at the same time I fear that  expressing certain ideas could simply represent a way to appear mature or “different from the others” when actually  we feel reassured being the same as everyone else. I also think that today it is necessary to have the intelligence, patience and courage to think about  ourselves and to know what really can help us to change our life and to grow.  Uniformity vs individual growth: a dilemma. How to solve it?