Lithuanian Milestones

By Vaida Gendvilaite-Petrosiene and Zita Kuzminskiene, Silutes pirmoji gymnasium, Lithuania.

As Lithuanian Comenius team chose healthy lifestyle as their subtopic, which in turn was narrowed to „No stress“ for the week of the meeting, we tried to combine healthy lifestyle, positive emotions and aspects of  Lithuanian history which contributed to the changes of our lifestyle and made us feel more satisfied and self-confident. That is why we asked all the partner schools to see what events in their countries made them really proud of being a citizen of that country and ended in burst of positive emotions. Having in mind all these points, we chose two Lithuanian milestones for our meeting in Silute: The National Song and Dance Celebration and EuroBasket 2012. Here you can see the short presentation of both and their influence on Lithuanian history and culture.