By Laura Saldauskaite, (1996), Šilutės pirmoji gymnasium
There is no wonder that my grandmother can’t keep pace with modern technologies of this century.    Something that looked like a miracle at the beginning of this century, now it is a daily routine. However, I should admit that changes have appeared in my life, as well. At the time, I was born, it was common to use just wire telephones and now, almost every teenager uses a touchscreen telephone, which the old still find difficult to use. For them it looks like the mission impossible. Talking about TV, even I remember a TV like a big box, which occupied half of our room, while at the moment a TV set hangs on the wall like a painting. But I should admit that it is the computer that influenced my life most.


I still remember myself at the age of five, when my parents brought quite a big box – it was a computer. It was the day, which changed my life a lot. Now, I can’t imagine my life without this item. While I was growing, I could see the development of this device. It became more and more powerful so that you could find a great number of useful programs and exciting games suitable for all people. What is more, the appearance of computer has changed as well. They were getting smaller and became laptops, which is really convenient as you can put them in your handbag. The more comfortable they were, the more I used them. In the past, I just needed a computer for ten or twenty minutes a day, but now, I can sit in front of it for hours.


So you can guess how the computer has changed my life. In the past, I used to be all the time outside, playing various games with my friends and communicating a lot with my parents, whereas, at present I spend just a little time being in fresh air and I don’t lead a healthy life. But a computer has a lot of positive features. For instance, I can read the most update news, so I don’t need to buy a newspaper. Also, I can watch the latest films and serials I want to on the Internet, so I don’t need to go to the cinema or a theater. Moreover, the computer is also an ideal item for communicating. I can spend all day chatting with my friends and discussing different problems.


Consequently, it is a device, which I’m completely addicted to and I can’t imagine the world without this miracle. What is more, I strongly believe that what seems now impossible and unreachable, in a few decades will become a reality. As the progress is very rapid I fear that my kids will ask me: “Why can’t you deal with such a simple gadget?”