In Bilbao

Bilbao is a new and in city, so if you go to the street you can see what tendences people wear right now.
You can see the tendences of the moment:

The Hunter boots:

The UGG boots :

The teenagers here love shopping and they can spend a lot of time in shops like for, zara,stradivarius,H&M, Pull & Bear, Mango etc.

We can buy in different places in Bilbao around Plaza Moyua .The Gran Via and Calle Rodriguez Arias  are a good choice for going shopping. There you can find the most newest and popular shops.Another location for going shopping could be the Old town of Bilbao and the Ensanche were you can find a lot of boutiques.

About shopping malls we can say that they are open the whole day until 10 pm and they don´t open on Sundays.The closest to the center is Zubiarte,  situated 150m away from the Guggenheim museum.

In the Guggenheim museum shop you can find also great souvenirs for you and your relatives.

in Poland ..

If we will go to Poland you won´t see many differences between polish people and from other countries. In Cracow we have got 3 huge shopping centers. As we see in Bilbao we have got a lot of the same shops for example: ZARA, H&M, Pull and Bear.

The most important point is that polish people especially teenagers love sales! We can spend more than 3 hours in one shop looking for something cheap, good quality and extraordinary.

Teenagers way of clothing is inspired from fashion magazines, their idol stars from tv and the people from street.

Among women popular are:



*colourful high heels

*unisex t-shirts

*blouse ( patterned, for example: in stripes, flowers etc.)

*colorful, patterned skirts

* huge bags


Among men popular are:



*white shirts

*sneakers (converse)

*thin ties

*nike shoes

*full cap

If someone works for example: in bank or in the airport- is obligate to wear elegant clothes or uniform.

We think that if you see someone from other country in Poland you won´t notice that because we -like all nations in Europe- like comfortable clothes.



in Poland..

To really compare polish and spanish food we should see  our dishes like dinner breakfast etc.


In Poland on breakfast we usually eat:

*bread with cheese, cottage cheese, jam, peanut butter, nutella. As a addition some vegetables like cucumber, tomatoe, radish.

*muesli, cornflakes, bran with milk or with yogurt.

*toast with cheese or with jam.

*very popular are scrambled eggs with ham or tomatoes.



*sandwiches with cheese, jam, ham etc.



*soup ( it can be cream soup)

*main dish ( sth like potatoes with chicken, pasta, fish etc.)


*sandwiches as same as for breakfast

* sometimes polish people eat warm dish for supper

Polish people eat breakfast about 7 or 8 a.m, they take their second breakfast to school and work. Then they eat dinner about 2 to 4 p.m

Supper is eating between 6 and 7 p.m



Sth between soup like soup but it isn´t soup J It contains cabbage, meat, sausage, spices. It is really sour and spicy.


Pierogies are a delicious Polish food. There are few kinds of this food which differ in a filling. A large number of filling types makes this Polish food a snack, spicy first course or even a dessert.


Gołąbki  are a form of cabbage rolls. They are a traditional polish dish made from lightly boiled cabbage leaves, which are wrapped in a parcel-like manner around minced pork or beef meat and rice  or barley; most often baked and refried in a spicy or sweet-and-sour tomato sauce.


Rosół is a traditional Polish meat broth. The most popular variety is Rosół z kury, or clear chicken (hen) soup. It is commonly served with fine noodles, often home made, like Jewish lokshen. It is important to differentiate the type of meat used for the preparation of this particular dish.

We also drink tea, all the time. We like tea with lemon, sugar or milk and honey. We drink different type of tea: green, black, red, blue, white, etc.

In Spain ..

The Gastronomic Culture of the Basque Country

Basque cooking enjoys a reputation for being one of the best cuisines in the world.
We are going to see the most popular and enjoyable dishes of the basque country..

Bacalao al Pil Pil (cod with pil pil sauce) is very well known all over Spain and tourists really like it.The sauce (pil pil) is  made of garlic and olive oil and all together tastes really good.

Another dish to mention is Chipirones en su tinta ( Squid in its ink ) This dish is also typical of the Basque Country and the first time you see it it is kind of impressive , because of the black sauce ( Ink ) After the first view and bite people really like it.

This dish , Marmitako is also well known and it is normally cooked in a clay pot. Is very easy to cook it and the ingredients : onions, potatoes, peppers tomatoes and tuna.

Here we usually eat at different times.
We usually have the breakfast at 6.30 am and we eat toastes, cereals, biscuits fruits etc and drink milk, coffee or hot chocolate.
In contrast to the most countries of europe, the meals are not as soon as theirs.For example we have lunch at 2-3 o clock so that we dont get hungry till 21.00’ pm. Thats our usually dinner time.
During the afternoons, between lunch and dinner its very common to see crowds of people drinking a coffee or eating tapas.


Conlusion ..


As we can see their is a few diferences between polish and spanish dishes. Firstly,  people in  Spaain eat  bigger portions but they eat rarely. In Poland we eat more often and smaller portions. Our hours of dishes are also different. In Poland main dish is eating at 3 o´clock and in Spain at 9 and sometimes later.  In Spain people don´t drink a tea. In the meantime in Poland tea is one of the most popular drink. Polish people drink it to breakfast, dinner  and also to supper.


Our  trends are very similar. Spanish girls look almost the same as the polish and vice versa. We like to do shopping in the same shops. As we knew from our friend from Spain, some spanish people think that polish people have bad taste. In that context there is not many differences between us.

the end