My personal development


By Erica Becchetti (1994) LSP Assisi/Italy

The development of a person does not begin with personal changes but with the discovery of himself.

I consider 2012 a difficult year for me because I experienced  some family problems,  thanks to which I can now say that I understand how I really am,  and this is an important personal development.

Last year I found myself alone to overcome difficulties,  and there was nobody to help me, therefore I was forced to go out from my own world and, with  my personality,  face  real life. The impact with reality revealed a part of me that I did not know, in fact before that moment  I used to  run away  from small problems,  but in this case I decided to fight and for the first time I was really strong. I think that hard experiences make  a person grow up in different ways.

In a different way also school, sport and relationships  were  particularly important for my development last year, because I faced them in another way, giving them the right importance. Previously sport was my life and I lived for it, now I understand that it is very useful because it makes me more competitive and less shy but it can’t be my future,  so I dedicate more time to school.

This difference is probably  made by the fact that I am attending the fifth year of high school and that brings me nearer to who I’ll become as an adult.
This change and my family problems have given me new views and horizons that become apparent  in relationships with others. Today I defend my ideas and I don’t give in to   others like before. In fact I realize that sometimes their aim is to tread on other people and I can’t permit this to happen to me! But the most important effect is that I have overcome my shyness.  I have verified this also thanks to the Comenius project that made me compare myself  with others and led me to speak with a lot of people with the aim to understand other cultures and respect their different ideas.

My task for the future is to completely discover myself because this is the road of  personal development and only then can I understand who I am and what my place is.