Mobile phones: two generations now and then

by Eleonora Pannacci (1994), LSP Assisi/Italy

Nowadays we can’t live without mobile phones, we use them to do everything, from calling friends to surfing the net, for these reasons they have definitely changed our lives. But how could our parents spend their adolescence and part of their youth without them? How did they keep in touch with their friends? Today’s teenagers consider mobile phones indispensable objects. Maybe we use them too much? Could we imagine our lives without them? Would it be the same?

To find out the answers to these questions I have asked my mom, who is 45 and my sister, who is 21 and belongs to the generation of the 21st century.

My mom says that she kept in touch with her friends by going out with them. They lived near her house or they were her classmates, so they met every day at school and decided when and where to go out and what to do, without using the telephone. They had a lot of time to meet in the afternoon because they didn’t have many activities to do like sports or music.

When I ask her if she often uses her mobile now she says that she uses it only when she’s not at home, in emergency cases but not to send messages or surf the net because she doesn’t need it and she has never got used to it. She thinks that there are both positive and negative sides in using the mobile phones but anyway she prefers having it, as it is useful to keep in touch not only with the people she knows but also to keep memories of her experiences, for example through the photos that she takes with the mobile camera.

My sister’s opinions are different. She got her first mobile phone at 14 and even if now she thinks that it is not so useful for a girl of that age, at the time she absolutely wanted it because it was trendy.

Nowadays she uses her mobile to do everything, to call her friends, to surf the net, to send messages and she thinks that she could be in troubles without it because it has become indispensable. Now she can’t imagine her life without the mobile because if she did not have it anymore she would lose all her contacts and she couldn’t surf the net and look for the information she needs for her university studies. She thinks that if the mobile phone doesn’t become an addiction, it’s ok.

That is what they answered me. I agree with my sister because I think that nowadays the mobile phone is  indispensable and I can’t imagine my life without it,  but I’m sure I can use it responsibly. Unfortunately I know people who use them too much and I see  it can become an addiction that makes them  live a virtual life.

What about you? Can you survive without your mobile?