Changes and your development – how do you see them? 10, 21, 33 and 79 years old people.

December 1st, 2012 by sladowska3edyta3s

by Edyta Śladowska (1995), LOK Kraków/Poland

I met several people at different ages and I asked a few questions about their lives. The answers were very interesting, sometimes similar, sometimes different but you will know it if you read the following answers.


1. How old are you?

a) I’m 10 years old.

b) I’m 21.

c) I’m 33.

d) I’m a 79- year old grandma.


2. Do you remember your childhood?

a) Yes of course.

b) Yes, it was such a great time.

c) Yes.

d) I think that yes.


3. How much do you think you have changed?

a) I have changed very much.

b) My first thought was that I’m the same person but when I think about it deeper it seems to me that I have changed a little.

c) I think I have changed a lot however mostly recently.

d) It depends in what respects but I think I’m a bit different person.


4. What has changed most in you? (if you can give examples)

a) I don’t really know – everything has changed. I no longer play with toy cars and watch cartoons. I have other preferences. Sometimes I’m surprised how I could do things like that.

b) If I have to choose something I’d say that I’m more serious and mature. However, I still do stupid things, laughing with no reason and I don’t want to study or learn. I remember a very interesting example when I was young I didn’t like jelly beans, now I can’t imagine world without them! <hahahaha>

c) Definitely my views have changed. Now I think that breaking some rules is improper. Besides, some things that were fun for me once now have become something normal or unseemly. However, my favorite bands from childhood are still ones of the best for me, just like my favorite movies and books but to this day I thank God that I didn’t do the tattoo, which one of the singers has (it was on the half of his arm!!). The largest and most important change is that once I was a kid and now I have kids.

d) As you can guess, my appearance has changed much, but also my view on the world and maybe for all these years I became a little serious ;)


5. What do you think influences these changes?

a) I just have grown up, I’m older. Everything around me is changing: fashion, my hobbies.

b) I think that my age needs such changes and so do the environment in which I live and different situations.

c) Positively, that I became a parent, and now a lot depends on me e.g. what person this little child will be. I used to think how cool parent I will be, but now I can’t imagine ‘some’ situation involving my children, especially with my permission. My children are the priority for me, the most important people.

d) I have really experienced a lot, I’m not the youngest person, but I think that the biggest changes were related to changes in the political system in the country and I went through some of them. These changes resulted in me changing too and not only me but also the whole country. Each system gave me something but I had to learn how to live again and again.


6. Have you ever, in your whole life, had a moment or event which turned your life by 180 degrees or at least 90?

a) I think this moment was when I went to kindergarten because I had to learn to share things with other kids. At home everything was mine and in kindergarten common.

b) I think this will happen in the near future when I finish studies (if I finish them :) ) because I will have to start working and earning real money! The hard times will come ;(.

c) Yes, of course, and it was me becoming a parent. After that, my world has turned upside down. As I have already mentioned this has changed priorities in my life.

d) I think it was precisely the change of regimes in the country, all the time I have to somehow adapt. At one time I had to sign up a month earlier to buy a carpet, then, stand in a two-day line to get it, and I couldn’t even choose what I wanted. Until now, grandchildren laugh at me when at a note worth ten PLN I say one hundred PLN, but once, a long time ago, it was like that


7. What would you like to achieve in the nearest future?

a) Currently, I really like watching and listening to people playing the guitar. I’d like to learn this and maybe one day start a band.

b) This applies to the previous question, I would like to finish my studies and find the job. I will be very happy if I find it and even happier when I will be doing something I like and I will be the happiest when the job will be well paid.

c) I want to finish building my house and finally to be able to live there with my whole family.

d) Fortunately, I have lived to see the first great-grandchildren. Now I wish myself just to be able to go to all my grandchildren’s weddings and maybe dance <hahaha>. I would like to help them financially until I can.


And what are your answers to these questions?

And out of the four above, which person is closest to you?

If you would like to answer I pasting here again all the questions.

  1. How old are you?
  2. Do you remember your childhood?
  3. How much do you think you have changed?
  4. What has changed most in you? (if you can give examples)
  5. What do you think influences these changes?
  6. Have you ever, in your whole life, had a moment or event which turned your life by 180 degrees or at least 90?
  7. What would you like to achieve in the nearest future?


Souvenirs from the past and their contemporary equivalents- telephone

January 11th, 2011 by sladowska3edyta3s

by Edyta Śladowska (1995), LOK Kraków/Poland

„Phone”- this is the word which we use now and we mean mostly a small mobile phone that fits in your pocket, but in not so old times such a word as the phone didn’t exist. This word and also device appeared only in 1876 and  was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

The principle of operation of the first phone can be explained as follows: the membrane used in the phone was so delicate that quivered under the influence of the human voice. Bell put it next to an electromagnet. Membrane vibrations led to changes in the magnetic field and consequently to intensity changes in electrical current  in the circuit of the electromagnet. Attached to the battery, the system was designed to strengthen the signal transmitted at a distance. At the other end of the wire, the signal was converted back into vibrations by a similar device.

So, actually the first phone is different in almost everything from our phones today.

Currently the phone is a small device, which fits a hand and has numbers that we use to dial a phone number. However, it is becoming rarer. Now when we say the word telephone to our mind there comes a mobile phone which often replaces the usual land line phone. We almost always have  the mobile with us because it is so small that there is no problem with carrying it… It fits in your pocket and thanks to it we are in constant contact.

How changed the telephone: