Information technology as a profession in Lithuania (1)

January 22nd, 2013 by draksaite3saule3s


By Saule Draksaite (1996) Silute/Lithuania

Most of us are at the age in our lives when we must choose our profession or simply the field we would like to work in. And in this fast-moving world everything is changing at breakneck pace around us. Which profession is going to be needed the most after a few years? In Lithuania it‘s information technology.

Every day we use technology, we can‘t even imagine our lives without: mobile phones, computers, iPads and most of all, the Internet. When we think of studying information technologies the first thing that pops into our heads is usually programming and software developing. What we rarely realize is that there isn’t a single profession nowadays where there are no information technologies. It‘s everywhere so if you are not sure of what you want to be, you can‘t go wrong by choosing it, because every profession uses it.

Secondly, there are only 12% of Lithuanians who are studying IT and Engineering while there are 26% studying Business Administration, when the highest demanded fields of 2012-2016 in Lithuania are IT, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Laser and Nanotechnology, Engineering, Energy, Medicine, Nursery and Odontology and the lowest are Management, Economics, Pedagogy, Constructions, Public Administration, Social work, Librarians, Forestry. (Recourse: Analysis made according to data of Department of statistics, Education and Science ministry, business associations.) So, the competition is a lot lower in IT than in other fields and there are more job opportunities.

On the other hand, working with information technology is not for everybody. Although we can easily learn how to do a specific job in the field of IT, studying is not as easy, so this decision should be made considering your abilities not only statistics and competition in the area, because low competition doesn’t always mean that you will get a good job instantly.

In conclusion, the world around us is changing and the information technology has a big impact on our lives so it should also have an impact on our decisions and life planning.

Our school’s students’ committee (3)

May 4th, 2012 by draksaite3saule3s

By Saulė Drakšaitė (1996), Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania

Every school in Lithuania has a students’ committee or self-government. Its main goals are education of moral leadership principals, autonomous activity promotion and creation of secure environment at schools. Students also organize all kinds of events and celebrations.

students' committee

At my school every year the school’s self-government elects a president, and the elected student chooses his three deputies. The president is responsible for every action that is taken by students’ committee and must supervise every member.

All three deputies have their responsibilities. One of them must supervise the class presidents’ board and the 1-4 classes’ coordinators. The other one supervises the group that organizes events, charities and conferences, also the group that prepares sport events. And the last deputy must supervise the group that is responsible for dissemination of information and the group that does the surveys and reports. Every student of the school may participate in every group.

I personally love working in my school’s students’ committee. We organize celebrations and events and gain a lot of experience that we might need in further life.

students' committee 2