Social Media and Its Impact on Youth


By Halime Dogan, Tarsus/Turkeyadvantages-of-Social-Media




Social media, basically defined as grouping of internet based an application that builds on the ideological and scientific foundations for transforming communication, to an effective and interactive conversation between different societies and individuals.


Social media is one of the easiest way to reaching information widely via different forms like magazines, internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, micro blogging, wikis, podcasts, photographs or pictures, video, rating and social bookmarking or contact people who is about the subject directly.


What are the advantages of Social Media?


One of the main advantages of social media is that it reaches millions of people in just a couple of minutes.

Accessibility: Social media tools are available to the public at a very low cost or sometimes at free of cost.

Usability: It does not need expertise skills and training so much for usual usages.

Immediacy: Social media is capable of conveying information in just a span of seconds. People can get quick updates on the latest news with just a single click.


What are the risks of Social Media?


• The e-learning concept is booming and most of them prefer to this e-learning rather reading books which costs them more.

• Sitting before a TV or computer for longer time will create health problems and many cases have been reported in this regard.

• Using social networking sites to make friends is not always good because most of them make friendship with a bad intension. This may damage their reputation by adding unknown friends to their list.

• Extreme use of technology makes us more disruptive in life. Most of them get addicted to this, knowing its negative impacts.

• And on the other side some people tend to express themselves in a good form which they are not.

• Information published through this social media may not always be informative and trusted. Most of the times it misleads people with bad ideas and news.

• People who spend long time over the internet show the signs of depression like change in sleeping and food habits, experience swing in moods and change in daily routine.