About Changing Of Family Relationships

By Halime Dogan, Tarsus/Turkey.

Many adults complain about the current youth is not in good condition. In this case only, we young people are guilty?

To me , there isn’t a quilt. Because this stuation about the chancing world.

The world changed and theese changes continue.

Than here is our place so we’ve to harmonize that.

One of the biggest problems of our era, generation gap.

Our parents think we haven’t that enough with them but they also haven’t separating us too.

They say that “You are introverted person. You always surf on the net.” But they don’t wanna understand our treat not same.

For example something which is important for us to empty to them.

Yesterday and today we even changed how much free time as a formal, etc. superfluous things headdresses always remained the same.

Thus, I think you will not find a quilt or quilty seeking a solution. This is completely the social environment of the generation, a phenomenon related to a change in the world and technology.