Let’ Learn Language!

As a Turkish idiom “a language equals to be a new human” it’s very important for us that  learning a different language.

Language Learning, introduces us to different cultures.

For example, one of the attractive languages is ​​Hindi. I think the most important reason for it is the curiosity of people about Indian culture. Impressive gods, temples, and more amazing Hindi words really attract people.

In addition, whose interested in  mythology want learning Greek; and People who are interested in the different dances and music are turning to Spanish.

Let’s Learn Language! J

4 Responses to “Let’ Learn Language!”

  1. I agree with you, my friend. I think the Russian language can also be very useful in the next few decades because Russia is full of possibilities and new chences for foreigners. They can work in this country, but it’s very likely that they can use their new skills to work with Russian businesmen in their own country.
    But it’s not the only language so closely connected with the possibilities of work. The choice of language depends on many things.

  2. I think it’s a very accurate saying. During studying a foreign language, people don’t learn only the language but also about other countries. They want to know more about this country. It’s useful in the future. For example, if the people go to the countries and don’t know basic habits, they can find some trouble. And you can ask, why? It’s easy, because people are attached to their habits and don’t like them not being respected. So it’s really true that learning languages is also learning about the country.
    PS: Oh, you wrote about hindi. It’s a really great culture. At one time I was watching Indian films and tried to understand their culture. In my opinion, watching films and reading books are very good ideas to get to know other countries and get interested in them.

  3. I agree with you. Nowdays, etery teenager must know AT least two languages. It is very important because the knowledge of them opens us to better life chances. We can study, work, live in any country we want. You wrote that one of attractive languages is Hindi. Perhaps, you’ re right. More and more people are starting to learn languages such as Russian, Chinese, Japanese. The truth is that the Eastern market is open and many people go there to work. Maybe in the future I will also go away. I would like to visit Spain and South America. For now this is my dream, but maybe one day it will come true. I believe it. Now I must study English and German in my school, but maybe I will start to learn Spanish soon.

  4. I agree with you. Languages are very important things in our lives. We can contact and meet with people of all the countries. However, I think that for example Chinese may be more practical and interesting. Europe is constantly developing an alliance with this country, so this language can be really useful in the future. Of course, it depends on our interests, too.