Difference of ages: people who affect and inspire us

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by Gintare Dabkeviciute (1995), Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/ Lithuania

Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese sailor. He wanted to try to reach south-east Asia, where many spices grew, by sailing westwards across the Atlantic Ocean. As his own king wouldn’t finance the voyage, he got the help he needed from Spain instead. He hoped to find a passage through South America so that he could sail all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific. He left Spain in 1519 with five ships and about 260 men. At first he did not tell his men where they were going because he thought they would be too frightened to obey him. Magellan found the strait that is now named after him, but only by chance. When two of his ships were driven towards land in a storm, the men feared they would be dashed against the shore. Then, just in time, they spotted a small opening in the coastline. It was the passage for which they had been searching since they left home. The ocean was calm and peaceful when Magellan finally entered it. By now one of his ships had deserted, but the other four started the journey across their new-found sea. To everyone’s amazement, the crossing was to take three months and 20 days. Magellan didn`t get home safely he was killed in a fight with islanders in the Philippines. Although he had masterminded the first expedition to sail around the world, he did not complete the voyage himself. In fact, the first person to sail around the world was a Malaysian, who had travelled back to Europe with Magellan many years earlier. Later, he accompanied Magellan as an interpreter on the circumnavigation.

Kobe Bryant

He is playing in Los Angeles Lakers Bryant rose to national prominence in 1996 when he became the first guard in league history to be drafted out of high school, and led a wave of high school basketball players skipping college for the NBA. .Kobe Bryant joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 1996 and became part of a celebrated one-two punch with center Shaquille O’Neal. The pair led the Lakers to NBA championships in 2000, 2001 and 2002. Bryant was an NBA prodigy, jumping straight from high school to the pros. (He was drafted in 1996 by the Charlotte Hornets, then traded to the Lakers for center Vlade Divac.) Bryant’s charisma and flashy talent led some to compare him with former NBA superstar Michael Jordan. In July 2003 Bryant was charged with sexual assault after an encounter with a 19-year-old resort employee in Colorado; Bryant continued to play with the Lakers, and on 22 January 2006 scored 81 points in a game against the Toronto Raptors. It was the second highest-scoring individual performance in NBA history, trailing only the 100 points scored by Wilt Chamberlain on 2 March 1962. Basketball player Kobe Bean Bryant was born on Aug. 23, 1978, in Philadelphia, PA, and is the son of basketball star. At the age of six Kobe and his family moved to Italy where his father began playing Professional basketball, and he learned to play soccer and became fluent in Italian. In 1991, his family moved back to the United States, and he attended Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia. The 17-year-old Kobe made the controversial decision to skip college and go directly into the NBA.


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by Gintare Dabkeviciute (1995), Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania

First of all, most teenagers are dreaming about leaving their parents home as soon as possible. But not everyone knows what might happen in that crazy world with lots of temptations. In my opinion, each of us should consider it very carefully, because after leaving home your parent will not be around and will not help you any minute. That is the reason why a teenager should leave parents home only when he is ready for it. Obviously, it happens when a teenager is a grown- up and independent to start his life on his or her own.

Without any doubts, it is very important to have good relationships with our parents. To be more precise, only our parents know us in the way we truly are and are willing to help us any time. I have a good relationship with my parents. For sure we argue sometimes but as far as I know no one is perfect in this world. Of course, my parents are doing everything to help me. For this reason I have to be a good child and listen to them.

It goes without saying that all teenagers have many responsibilities at home. I am not an exception. Obviously, not always housework is as a treatment for us. But such small details are educating our personality.

In our society teenagers are able to work when they become 16. As a matter of fact, it is very good. In this way, teenagers are able to express themselves, use their activeness or gain responsibility and independence. After all, it is a very useful experience for each of us.

In this period of time, the support and understanding from parents are very important for teenagers. Nobody is perfect and we all make , so it is very important to understand and try not to repeat them. As a result, being a teenager is one of the most beautiful experiences in our lives. It is the beginning of our future.

Colours relax and treat

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by Gintare Dabkeviciute (1995) and Ruta Gecaite (1995) Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania

What is impact of colours for us? This project is about power of colours for soul and health.

Colours relax and treat

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