Change through the eyes of young people : İnformatics (Social Media)


Change … The evolution of thought

These concepts are the corner stones of formation which develops us. The basic purpose of the formation is to enable the change to the whole community. Change of each individual’s logically and properly.Everyone from all age groups will be useful by self improvement. The  young are more advantageous than the old . Because of  the young learning  alot from the old and being a modal for next generations the young improve themselves better.Thus the young’s perspektivizm and the effects of this perspectivizm are very important.


For Europeans by the effect of negative aspects of the world of social media and the development of information technology have caused for the peasant to have limited vocabulary, poor self-expression, of losing identity, virtualization,  depression and aggression.


On the other hand  some people who aim the world of social media as a means  can be  in all kinds of activities and they are  analytical and forward-thinking , far from pessimism, despite being intertwined with technology they are not freak, informed, can express themselves and their beliefs correctly, are confident, have goals.


These two areas are complete integral.You need to push the boundaries with everybody in society for achieving the real prosperity and development . The stages of change should be practised correctly, logically  and step by step. Therefore, instead of information technology, using the time properly is important.


Don’t forget’ The only thing that doesn’t change is the change itself.


How Do Young People Change The World?


by Merve Gül BIYIKLI(1997)  Tarsus/TURKEY

In the past, it was not easy to get to the knowledge. However, nowadays we could reach every information we would like to know everywhere and every time thanks to the internet. With the effect of the social media, we can share our ideas with people from all over the world; we can easily and freely express our comments on the worldwide events whenever we want. In this respect, the social media creates opportunities for young people to communicate each other and share ideas about the events.

The social media has both advantages and disadvantages on young people. Sometimes they may have difficulties in using the social media in an effective way. Because they are not informed enough. They fail in time management and they are over-affected by the social media. After a while, the social media takes control of the young people.

The young people who know how to use the social media can be very successful. Thanks to the social media they can become organized and reach the elements to realize their projects easily; they find the chance to meet the other enthusiastic young people who are willing to be partner for their projects. That helps them to reach the success in an easier way and makes the success become bigger as well. After a while, these successful works of them become global rather than just local-based and helps the world change.

In the past, a successful young person could only affect his/her local place, but now the effect of a young person who has the same success can change the whole world. In this respect, it is possible to say that the appropriate usage of the social media changes both the young people and the world in a positive way.




by İnanç ÇİĞDEM(1996), Mersin/Turkey

I think , as long as  youth changes ;  meanings , notions , expressions change.For example ; happiness and consumption …

Children was happy with one wafer at old time . Watch them while they  was laughing  gave  happiness to people. We keep  them from smiling at the moment . It is too normal , for both us and waiting for smile . People sacrifice smile saying changed . Maybe , we can not be happy with wafer , anymore . But , we are tickled by good chocolate thanks to consumption  .

When we talking about meaning , expressions , we can give more sample . Firstly , Games …

Game , is the way to identify the external world for children. So,the children learn their social roles . Thanks to games,the children are getting more social. Also,it is important to select friends and toys.

    A few generations ago,children make their toys by themselves. They were playing toys with their friends.They had a few toys and toys are important for them. They were able to use their toys for different purposes.Their imaginations were very rich. they were known solidarity and sharing very well.

But,now this situation is different for new generation. They don’t make their toys by themselves. The companies imagines instead of children , children can’t. Parents buy this toys for their child.Happy children,happy parents and happy companies. Is that real ?

To imagine is important for our personality. The toys on markets are uniform. Children aren’t able to dream as in the past.. Parents work hard and want to show interest in their children. They buy the toys to children and they become good parents. Toys are not just a product. They are an educational tool. Selection of the toy also important for health. Many firms use cheap materials. This situation threatens the health of children.

Families should be informed about the choice of toys.Children are important.Choose the right toys and contribute to your children personality.

Then , it is a changed something , visits. It changed to now from old . when people went to somewhere , they stayed so long time.,.as some telling stories . visits were driving one or two years .because, houses were far away from each other. and. they had no vehicles in that time . If somebody stayed one – two hours, they had to endure load.

Visit’s time was reduced with time . people started to have car , houses started to build close to each other. So, journey became quickly . to me, there didn’t stay talking topic . aim of visits is either to show new their clothes or new their houses . of course, it was effected from technology too . because most programmes show facility . so we can talk to people only thanks to them .

Yes , we are changing and when we change , we update some value .