Change … The evolution of thought

These concepts are the corner stones of formation which develops us. The basic purpose of the formation is to enable the change to the whole community. Change of each individual’s logically and properly.Everyone from all age groups will be useful by self improvement. The  young are more advantageous than the old . Because of  the young learning  alot from the old and being a modal for next generations the young improve themselves better.Thus the young’s perspektivizm and the effects of this perspectivizm are very important.


For Europeans by the effect of negative aspects of the world of social media and the development of information technology have caused for the peasant to have limited vocabulary, poor self-expression, of losing identity, virtualization,  depression and aggression.


On the other hand  some people who aim the world of social media as a means  can be  in all kinds of activities and they are  analytical and forward-thinking , far from pessimism, despite being intertwined with technology they are not freak, informed, can express themselves and their beliefs correctly, are confident, have goals.


These two areas are complete integral.You need to push the boundaries with everybody in society for achieving the real prosperity and development . The stages of change should be practised correctly, logically  and step by step. Therefore, instead of information technology, using the time properly is important.


Don’t forget’ The only thing that doesn’t change is the change itself.