by Merve Gül BIYIKLI(1997)  Tarsus/TURKEY

In the past, it was not easy to get to the knowledge. However, nowadays we could reach every information we would like to know everywhere and every time thanks to the internet. With the effect of the social media, we can share our ideas with people from all over the world; we can easily and freely express our comments on the worldwide events whenever we want. In this respect, the social media creates opportunities for young people to communicate each other and share ideas about the events.

The social media has both advantages and disadvantages on young people. Sometimes they may have difficulties in using the social media in an effective way. Because they are not informed enough. They fail in time management and they are over-affected by the social media. After a while, the social media takes control of the young people.

The young people who know how to use the social media can be very successful. Thanks to the social media they can become organized and reach the elements to realize their projects easily; they find the chance to meet the other enthusiastic young people who are willing to be partner for their projects. That helps them to reach the success in an easier way and makes the success become bigger as well. After a while, these successful works of them become global rather than just local-based and helps the world change.

In the past, a successful young person could only affect his/her local place, but now the effect of a young person who has the same success can change the whole world. In this respect, it is possible to say that the appropriate usage of the social media changes both the young people and the world in a positive way.