How books influence my personal development?

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By Renata Chorobik (1995) LOK Krakow/Poland


In this short paper I would like to describe books influence on my life. I will give some examples of interesting books from my childhood, primary school until nowadays.

Everyone knows that a lot of things and activities can influence on the character, develop skills and qualifications. Reading books play important role of in my life. It has really positive impact on my thinking, change a lot of point of views and opinions. In my childhood I was reading mostly fairy tales, such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood etc. All of them showed me that there are positive and negative characters and this is not only in a fairy tale but also in real life.

When I was in elementary school one of the book I read was “Ann from the Green Gables”(L. M. Montgomery). Anis sherley

This story present situation of small girl named Ann Shirley, who was adopted and growing with poor family.

Her strength and enormous motivation to read and write (she wanted to be a writer), gave me a clue how I should try to achieve a success.


Moreover during my school time I read a lot of interesting and instructive novels. One of them deserve on special attention.

“The Little Princes” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery), this is fantastic book for everyone who do not really know
what the real friendship is. According to the story, young prince was travelling and visiting nine of planets.prince

He was looking for ‘moral rights’ and he finally found it. He realized how to show his  feelings, emotions, due to his care of rose and mother planet. By meeting a lot of people, tame a fox, hero showed what is sadness and happiness.


Next I am also keeping in my mind stories from series of books about Harry Potter and his friends (J. K. Rowling).  harry-potter covers

These books taught  me creative thinking, expanded the imagination. The main character of that story-Harry was meeting on everyday life a lot of fabulous issues, threats and fight with his weakness to achieve intended purposes, assignments and to reach the true.


Finally I want to describe the recent famous book which title is “Twilight” (Stephe nie Meyer).zmierzch cover This story is about a girl who moved to Phoenix to her dad, and started going there to school. One day in a class she meets a boy, who after a while turned out to be a vampire. And there wasn’t anything strange, but unfortunately they fell in love with each other that relationship was danger for them. The book is full of love and sacrifice. On their way to happiness they have a lot of troubles, inconvenient situations, because of this their love become stronger.  In my opinion it could be romantic love and some kind of modern version well known novel “Romeo and Juliet”. This story taught that love can be really strong. What is more the further volumes show how many things we can change for other person, who is really important for us.

In conclusion I would like to stress that even nowadays books play important role in my life. Reading lot of books provide me with many examples of problems and solutions. From other perspective reading various types of literature influence on wilder knowledge and imagination.

National identity

April 30th, 2012 by chorobik3renata3s

By Renata CHOROBIK(1995), Edyta ŚLADOWSKA(1995), Kasia SIERADZKA(1995), Ania PRZETACZEK(1995), LOK Kraków/Poland

The majority of the Polish society is homogenous. We are used to the fact that people leave Poland to find a job or improve their life conditions. Immigrated to Poland is an uncommon phenomenon, but nowadays we can more often meet people from different countries in our society. In our school we have found four students who moved to Poland from other countries and live here till now. We have interviewed them to find out something about their national identity.

Trait d’union: What is your nationality?

Caroline: I’m Scottish.

Kamila: I’m Polish.

Trait d’union: What is the nationality of your parents?

Caroline: My dad is Scottish and my mum is Polish.

Kamila: My dad is Vietnamese and my mum is Polish.

Trait d’union: How long have you been living in Poland?

Caroline: I was born in Scotland. I moved to Poland when I was 8 and I’ve been living here for nearly 10 years.

Kamila: I was born in Poland and I’ve been living here all my life. In Vietnam I was only once.

Trait d’union: What made your parents decided to move to Poland?

Caroline: I think they wanted to try a different life style. And the weather is better in Poland I suppose. At least you know you’re going to proper summer. Not just rain.

Kamila: My dad came here to work.

Trait d’union: What language do you use at home: with parents, with siblings (brothers/sisters)?

Caroline: I talked to my dad in English since he doesn’t speak Polish and I usually speak to my mum in Polish. My half-brother lives in Scotland so we talk in English.

Kamila: At home we speak Polish, me and my siblings don’t know the Vietnamese language.

Trait d’union: Which country do you feel better in? Why?

Caroline: It’s hard to say. I feel good both in Poland and in Scotland, but since I was born in Scotland and I spent most of my childhood there, so I’ll always feel a stronger bond with Scotland. But I have many amazing friends in Poland so it’s really hard to decide.

Kamila: I feel more comfortable in Poland, mostly because I don’t know the Vietnamese language.

Trait d’union: Do you face any prejudices connected with your nationalities?

Caroline: I haven’t really had any problems due to my nationality. My friends in Poland sometimes laugh at my accent, because they find it very hard to understand. Or they like the joke about Scots having deep pockets but short arms.

Kamila: Now not. In the past yes, but it ended in the middle school.

Trait d’union: What Poland means to you?

Caroline: Well when my parents told me that we’re moving to Poland I thought that my world had collapsed. I really hated Poland and I didn’t like talking in Polish. But now after nearly 10 years I feel pretty much at home.

Kamila: -

Trait d’union: Do you feel more Polish or ….?

Caroline: .I think I feel more Scottish than Polish to tell the truth. I’ve always been proud to be Scottish and always will be. I love my accents as well ;) So if there is a football match Scotland vs. Poland then you can count on me to be waving the Scottish flag.

Kamila: Rather Polish.

Trait d’union: If you could combine two cultures: the Polish one and ……. Which things would you choose? What good elements would you take from the first and the second country?

Caroline: I don’t think you can really mix the two together. Well at least that’s my opinion. Both countries have very unique traditions that can’t be mixed together because both countries have their own history.

Kamila: I don’t know the Vietnamese culture well, but I think I would choose the Vietnamese food.

Trait d’union: Which holidays do you celebrate? Do you celebrate traditional Polish holidays ( Easter, Christmas)?

Caroline: Well since I’m living in Poland I take part in all the traditions events. I don’t really agree or like all of them, but I respect them because to the people of Poland they are really important.

Kamila: I celebrate all Polish holidays. Only New Year I celebrate according to the Vietnamese custom.

Trait d’union: Do you keep Polish or …. traditions?

Caroline: I’m more into Scottish traditions than Polish.

Kamila: Definitely Polish.

Trait d;union: Sportsmen from which country do you support?

Caroline: Scotland forever!!

Kamila: I don’t any Vietnamese sportsmen and I’m rather not interested in sport.

Trait d’union: What food do you eat at home: Polish or ….?

Carolione: I eat whatever my mum cooks or what I cook. Although every time we go to Scotland for a holiday me and my dad buy square sausage.

Kamila: I eat two kinds of this food.

Trait d’union: Do you connect your future with our country? If not, so with which one?

Caroline: Once I finish high school I would like to study at the University of Glasgow. I don’t know yet where I’m going to live. For all I know I could end up living in Japan.

Kamila: I think I will go to United States or England.

Trait d’union: What questions are you often asked by others, when they find out about your nationality/two nationalities?

Caroline: People usually ask me if I can speak perfect English and which country I prefer.

Kamila: Who of my parents is from different country, do they speak in Vietnamese and if I ever been to Vietnam.

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