By Catalina Degeratu (1993) LSP Assisi / Italy

The changes that the world is undergoing are faster than those of the past centuries and this is due to new technologies that allow the transfer of information from one place to another in a very short time.

The young population of the world is connected thanks to the Internet, social networks and blogs.

For example at any given moment I could know what a Chinese or Mexican is doing right now and vice versa, and the same thing happens with political and social movements. In fact the people that demonstrated and fought in Greece and then in North Africa against their governments were strongly helped by the spreading of information through the Internet.

The improvement of technology and scientific discoveries have allowed not only a faster diffusion of information, but also a more efficient transport system,  in fact travelling has become easier and cheaper than before, and this has reduced the distances.

Our habits are becoming more and more uniform because of globalization, the phenomenon that started to develop its economic features at the beginning of the 80s, but had already been spreading in our societies for a very long time before.

The world has always been changing and the generation that today is putting its trust in the new one, was the youth of 25 or 50 years ago.

Scientific and technological  innovations are not only the result of experience, but also of new and different points of view. I think that what the “old generation” is expecting from us, is to continue the natural development of our world, and to guide it in the right direction.

They gave us their values and we have kept them, but at the same time we have tried and are actually trying to transform our habits:   it is not necessarily negative. I think we  need to overcome  what limits  our freedom. But I will try to be clearer.

In the past the social constraints were stronger than today, and everyone had to live following precise paths. Today we refuse any imposition and we want to build our own life having as many  experiences as we can.

And this does not mean to undervalue life and its teaching, but to grow and become wiser in a more concrete way.

So this is what should change and what should not:  we, the youth of today,  should change the  constrains and limits that prevented past generations from living freely, and  claiming  a wider  range of choices for their future, but at the same time we  should not lose sight of basic and fundamental values such as respect and solidarity.