(4) Personal development… at home

By Zivile Buivydaite (1996), Silutes pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania

All of us sometimes (or often) have such free time when we don’t know what to do. Some start to play computer games, some watch TV. But what is the point of this? I disagree with you, when you say “ I am tired, I want to relax playing with my Xbox”. There are so many activities to relax in a more valuable way

At first I want to say that the best rest for me is reading. Regular reading improves our thought, gives proper knowledge, inspire us, generate ideas and keep us in the right way. It isn’t so boring as the majority thinks. You just have to cream off the most attractive books, not necessarily from the compulsory reading programme. For example, my favourite books are Gregory David Robert’s “Shantaram” and Margaret Michell’s “Gone with the Wind”.


"Shantaram" image from http://www.bookadda.com/books/shantaram-abridged-library-edition-gregory-david-1433270161-9781433270161 and "Gone with the wind" image from http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/gone-with-the-wind/images/2349108/title/book-started-all-photo


Of course, if you are too tired to read, you can watch films. And I recommend to see some documentary films. Today there are so many documentaries which are so simple and so interesting. Sometimes even more interesting than popular films. I think the best documentaries are created by BBC. It realised a lot of various films translated in different languages. My favourite ones are “Human Planet” and “Planet Earth”. “Human planet’s” series are about human life in different parts of the world. “Planet Earth” features a global overview of a different biome or habitat on Earth.


"Human planet" image from http://hd-cafe.blogspot.com/2011/10/bbc-human-planet.html and "Planet earth" image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/nobodyblue/5870692585/


In conclusion, I want to say that regrettably, reading rates in Lithuania decline. “Alma littera” analysis shows that more than third of children from the age of 3 to 10 in Lithuania don’t read at all.


And this is the Americans statistic to make a comparison:

Statistic from http://www.cleancutmedia.com/books/does-anyone-read-books-anymore-be-surprised

6 Responses to “(4) Personal development… at home”

  1. I agree with your opinion, Zivile. I think that it’s much more better to read, watch documentary or historical film than choose to play computer games. If you watch this kind of movies you can learn a lot and use that knowledges in your life. Of course if you watch films in foreign language you can also learn a new foreign language. I watched films “Human Planet” and “Planet Earth” and I think it’s very good. I am also going to read that two books which you mentioned in your article :)

  2. funke3iris3s says:

    Ich bin ganz deiner Meinung , dass heutzutage der Fernseher immer mehr in den Vordergrund unserer Freizeitgestaltung rückt und deswegen viele auf das Lesen vergessen . Lesen ist nicht nur im Kindesalter sondern auch später für die Entwicklung wichtig , außerdem kann es auch Schülern und Schülerinnen mit einer Rechtschreibschwäche weiterhelfen . Außerdem merkt man auch im Vergleich , dass das Buch immer besser als der dazugehörige Film ist !
    Ich selbst lese lieber und verbringe wenig Zeit vor dem Fernseher . Wenn ich mich doch für einen Film interessiere bevorzuge ich jedenfalls diesen auf DVD zu sehen da die ständigen Werbeunterbrechungen fast soviel Zeit in Anspruch nehmen wie die Hälfte des Films .
    Jedenfalls finde ich es gut , dass schon mehrere wieder auf den Geschmack von Büchern kommen und mal auf den Fernseher verzichten ;)

  3. Ich denke,dass die optimale Nutzung unserer Freizeit sehr wichtig ist.
    Wie du sagst, Lesen und Dokumentarfilme sehen sind zwei gute Sachen für unser Gehirn, aber es gibt auch andere Möglichkeiten, die erlauben, das zu tun.
    Man kann zum Beispiel logische Spiele machen, mit denen man auch Spaß haben kann.
    Das Problem in Zusammenhang mit der Grafik von deinem Artikel ist die Erziehung durch die Eltern. Eltern sollten Kinder daran gewöhnen zu lesen.
    Freizeit ist ein kostbarer Moment, in dem man sich entspannen soll.
    Mann kann die Zeit sinnvoll verbringen, und es ist besser, nicht nur vor der Playstation oder dem Fernseher zu bleiben.

  4. I totally agree with you, Zivile. :)
    I can’t understand people who choose Xbox instead of a good book or a movie. I’m glad that you read not only books from our school’s must-read books list,but also you have your own taste in literature.
    In the same way, I can’t disagree with Leif-Erik and Malte. You said the right thing, that watching films can help you to learn foreign languages. It makes your foreign language more rich and it’s easier for you to communicate with people from abroad.

  5. We agree with both of you.
    In addition to all the skills you learn and improve you have already mentioned, we think, reading and also watching films, can help you to learn a new foreign language. It enables you to understand real spoken languages and not just “school language”.
    Especially reading, in our opinion, can improve you language skills also in your mother tongue. We really cannot understand people making statements like “Reading is boring.” or such, but maybe all the “modern” ways of spending the free time have destroyed the peoples talent of imagination.
    Moreover we think your statistics are interesting and we fear that in Germany it looks almost the same, but of course we do not know for sure. Maybe this could be part of another survey comparing the interest in literature in all the participating countries!?
    All in all we think it is sad that there are just so few people interested in reading today.
    Leif-Erik und Malte

  6. Peters A says:

    I completely agree with your opinion about this kind of free time. I can´t understand people playing computer games, etc. only because they don´t know what to do. As you mention, reading and watching films (documentaries) are two better possibilities. But there are more: meeting friends, doing sports, playing music, etc. I watched the film “planet earth” and I think it is really informative, so you even can improve your skills when you don´t know what to do.