Me and my friends… What influences our personal development?

by Marta Barankiewicz (1996) LOK Krakow/Poland

Every young person needs some inspiration, motivation and clues for life. For each person, it can be a different thing. The main influence on me and my life had my family, especially in childhood. Relations shaped my system of values and taught some behaviours. My parents showed me what is good and what I should not do. With my siblings, I spent a really interesting time, we could play, they partly shaped my music taste. I recall these times very enjoyable.

Later, when I did not need only care and play, my family was irreplaceable in supporting me. I have always been able to talk with them. Also, in daily life I can follow every value which my family transferred to me. My friends also had a considerable impact on me, but rather in later years of my life. When we are teenagers, we look for peers’ understanding. It is very important to feel good in a group. We are glad that other people like the same music, movies, etc. Friends are the best comrades to talk to.

It was my viewpoint. Here you can read short interviews with my two friends as a kind of comparison. As you can see one of them has an opinion similar to mine, but another one has a very beautiful and moving history.

ME: What had the biggest influence on your personal development?
FRIEND1: Let me think… It is hard to answer a question like that, but I will try. Personally, I think that friends and family had the biggest influence on my personal development.
ME: Could you tell me something more about your choice?
FRIEND1: I chose family, because it has had an influence on me and my personality since I was born. In the early childhood I spent most of the time with my parents. They brought me up by setting good examples and showing how I should behave. When I grew up, my parents’ influence on me weakened, because I started to think independently and also like all the people I started to socialize with others.
ME: And why did you choose friends?
FRIEND1: As a teenager I met some friends at school. Definitely, my friendship with them changed me but not much, I think. I kept moral values and rules learned from my parents but some of things they taught me were just out of date. Friends showed me something new and fresh, so it was quite an interesting experience.

ME: What influences you, your life and your development the most?
FRIEND2: I think that from the beginning of my life, school and music, as the effect of my parents’ dreams and decisions had the biggest influence on my personality .
ME: It is very interesting and you have a completely different opinion from other friends. Can you explain it?
FRIEND2: My parents both are musicians, so when I reached the school age, they decided to send me to music school that they both had finished. I had to move out from my parents house to a dormitory, because the school was located in another town. This school had old traditions and rigorous rules. It was a boarding school, so my whole life was dependent on these rules and people.
ME: How did you cope with it?
FRIEND2: It was hard for me as a child because I saw other children carelessly playing outside when I had to practice playing the violin or piano. However, I quickly found some kind of escape from all these inconveniences in music. I found a way to express myself by music that I play. Especially, practising and playing the violin helped me to develop my inner personality. Now I’m really grateful to my parents for sending me to this school because it helped me to reveal who I really am. I can not even imagine my life without music and I’m sure, that it made me the person, I am now.

And how about you? What was the most important thing in your life? Is the family the biggest value for you? I’m very interested in your opinions, so could you share your experiences?

4 Responses to “Me and my friends… What influences our personal development?”

  1. Thank you for your comments. We can see that for everybody the same values are the most important. As I wrote in my article family and friends shaped our characters and I am glad that you have the similar opinion. In reality things like money or interests are needed, but without our relations we would not be the same people as we are now.

  2. I really like your article it is very similar to my opinion. My family always supports me in every kind of situation and has always tried to teach me to have an open mind and think for myself.
    Of course our friends influences us a lot more than we sometimes think. I was never the kind of person who trusted somebody a lot but my best friend showed me that its good to have somebody you can trust comepletely.Family and friends will always be there to help you to grow.
    So good job with your article!!

  3. Hi, your article is very good. I liked it because it made me think what is the most important thing in my life and I decided that its my family and friends. Family – because it combines many values, such as love, trust, compassion, support, in one place. Friends – because they help to know yourself better, honestly share your opinion and discuss about anything you want. I would do anything for these two things – family and friendship.

  4. I totaly agree with your opinion that our parents show us what is good and is not. And also our friends have a considerable impact on us. I think that my family is the biggest value for me, because I spent most time of my life with them.