Interview with four different people

by Annika Peters (1997), HPS Buxtehude/Germany.

Alex Stahl° 15 years old; two younger brothers

born in Iran; father born in Iran; mother born in Iraq

Mary Becker°, 14 years old; one little Sister

born in Germany; father and mother born in Poland

Kadin Fischer°, 59 years old; one older Sister

born in Serbia (in ex-Yugoslavia, near the Hungarian border)

Radek Neumann°, 14 years old; one little Sister and two younger brothers

born in Pakistan; father and mother born in Pakistan

trait d´union: Which nationality do your parents and you have?

Alex: My parents and I have the Iran and German nationality.

Mary: My parents have the Polish and the German nationality,but I only have the German.

Radek: My parents and I only have the German nationality.

Kadin: I only have the German nationality.

trait d´union: Why did your parents leave their native country and why did your family not go to any other country?

Alex: My parents left their country because of their jobs and Germany offered the best conditions for us.

Mary: My mother had better career chances here in Germany and in addition some relatives lived here; my father actually wanted to immigrate to the USA but then made a little stop in Germany and met my mother.

Radek: I don`t know.

Kadin: When I was 22 years old, I spent my holidays in Hamburg at my godmother’s. I was so fascinated that I wanted to stay in Germany.

trait d´union: Do you often meet prejudices?

Alex: No, not at all.

Mary: No because you can`t see that I´m Polish but often people accuse the Polish of stealing cars.

Radek: Sometimes.

Kadin: Some time ago yes, but today I don´t meet any prejudices.

trait d´union: Does your family feel good here in Germany?

Alex: Yes.

Mary: Yes.

Radek: Yes.

Kadin: Yes.

trait d´union: Do you have a religion and if yes, do you have any problems with that religion?

Alex: Yes, my religion is Islam and I don`t have problems with it.

Mary: Yes, I´m Catholic,but I don´t have any problems at all because many people here are Catholic.

Radek: I´m Islam and for me it is a feature to live my religion, but there are a lot of problems. For example I don`t eat every kind of meat.

Kadin: Yes, in the past when I was Catholic but then I changed to the Protestant religion.

trait d´union: Where do your relatives live?

Alex: In Germany, England, Denmark, Australia and Iran.

Mary: In Poland and in Germany.

Radek: In Pakistan.

Kadin: In Canada (emigrated), in Serbia, Hamburg and Hungary.

trait d´union: Have you made friends quickly?

Alex: Yes.

Radek: Yes.

Kadin: Yes, but in my opinion the North-German people are, at the surface, very cool and reserved.

trait d´union: Do you feel like a foreigner or do you often have problems with the language?

Alex: No, I don`t feel like a foreigner. I feel like this is my native country,but often I have got problems with the language.

Mary: No, not really.

Radek: No, I don`t feel like a foreigner anymore and no, I don´t have any problems with the language.

Kadin: No, I don`t feel like a foreigner and I don`t  have language problems either.

trait d´union: Do you feel tolerated or integrated?

Alex: More integrated.

Mary: More integrated.

Radek: More integrated.

Kadin: More integrated.

trait d´union: Would you like to go back to your native country?

Alex: No, only for a visit.

Mary: No, only for a limited period of time.

Radek: No, only for a visit.

Kadin: No, since there was the civil war my native country is here.

° names changed

posted on Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

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