Swimming influences my personal development (4)

By Anna Machnik (1995) LOK Krakow/Poland

It’s been known for years that sport can have a great influence on our lives, on our development. Not only is it good for our health condition but it’s a fantastic way of getting fit and slim. It gives us energy for life, but also changes our personality. It’s got an influence on our behaviour and on who we become.

I remember I’ve always liked sport and I’ve always associated playing volleyball, basketball or simply running with having fun. I believe that being active brings a lot of joy in our lives, it makes us happy and cheerful people.


I will never forget those funny run-competitions in my primary school, when our class was divided into 2 groups and each of us had to run fast so that his or her team could win. It was so emotional, everyone was so united and into it, and the winners looked like the happiest kids in the world. Can you imagine that?

Present day

Right now, as I’ve grown older I find sport as a nice way of spending time. Every week I go to a swimming pool. Despite tiring weeks at school, when I go into the water and swim over a dozen pools I am even more tired, but extremely happy. I can say that sport gives me lots of happines, but it also teaches me patience and durability.

At PE lessons we often play team sports such as volleyball or basketball, from which we can learn a lot. First and foremost, they teach us how to compete and how to respect others. Even if me and my mates play on two different sides as opponents, we are still friends and we respect each other. We’re in this together and when we play in one team we learn how to cooperate as we’re all responsible for the final score. Secondly, sport teaches us how to cope with both – victory and failure. Once we win and once we lose. But what if we lose more often? It’s okay, it’s not the end of the world, right? We have to go on and eventually we’re going to win.

Isn’t it a great way of how to be tenatious? I believe it is. What do you think?

Somebody else’s opinion

I asked my friend who plays footbali in a club what role sport has in his development and he replied without hesitation that football has a big part in his life. He told me that he made lots of friends during workouts and matches. Moreover he added that he’s got a better condition now, he’s become fitter and although the beginnings were tough for him as he frequently had injuries, now he’s learned how to overcome pain and difficulties.

What about you?

Do you think doing a sport plays a big or small role in shapening our personality? Do you do any sports? If so how do they change you?

2 Responses to “Swimming influences my personal development (4)”

  1. Hello :)
    Thank you very much dear. You’re totally right. I think we have to keep balance: sometimes it’s better if we’re not too excited about our victory, but also we shouldn’t act as if our world has fallen apart when we loose a game.
    Wow, so you seem like a very sporty person! That’s good to hear :)

  2. Hi,
    first of all I like your pictures pretty much.
    I agree that doing sport ist part of forming your personality. Often -like you discribed- it has a very postiv influence on our life and our behaviour. But sometimes people are too much into a game. When they loose it, they are mad for the whole week and everybody has to suffer under this mood. When they win, they feel like they are the best person in the world and insult the loosing team.
    So you have to remind wehn doing sports that although its sometimes a competition the main aspect should not be winning or loosing, it should be having fun.
    I personally like doing sports in my free time. Its a great way to clear your mind, have fun and spend some time with your friends. I played for about 2 years soccer and at the moment I play in summer tennis and in winter I go swimming. I also go by bike to school and like to go inline skating.
    Best wishes Jacqueline