Some adults complain about new generation,and their behaviours.Are we the only guilty ones?Ofcourse ,not.We generally react to their behaviours.We prefer spending time on internet to waiting for our parents interest.After a while we start to behave as if they aren’t with us.But the adults only focus on conclusion.Generally they say “my son/my daughter doesn’t spend time with me”.Perhaps they don’t understand but the world is changing day by day.We should live according to today conditions but adults want us to live according to their generations rule.
There are shopely differences between today and yesterday.But there are a lot of concepts which haven’t changed such as ; spore time needless things,laziness.These concepts are belonging to both our life.Perhaps in the past there was less laziness.But it was there and i’m afraid it will be there.It is like a vicious circle.Is it possible to stop this?Never!This is a process which will continue according to needs,conditions.And its name is “CHANGE”.