The events that change our life

By Jakas Martynas (1996), Silute pirmoji gymnasium/Lithuania.

This year during the meeting in Turkey we presented the occurrences that change our life. We talked about 4 events: important to our country and the two to our school. We briefly introduced them to you, but this article will let you know more about these events.

EU ParliamentFirst of all one of the most important is the presidency of the council of the EU.  Lithuania will be the first of the three Baltic States to hold the presidency since joining the European Union. The Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania agreed on a list of possible priority areas. Furthermore, according to the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, there are approximately 200 Presidency events confirmed in the capital Vilnius.

E. Petrauskas


The next event is the third place in the London Olympic Games. Evaldas Petrauskas, a young sportsman from our town took the third place in the London Olympic Games in boxing. His victory was a very important achievement for him and his hometown. Alongside the other winners, Lithuanian Olympic sportsmen changed the minds of a lot of young people. Now less people tend to think that our country is a truly “basketball country” and, currently, more and more people are getting interested in other sports, such as boxing or swimming.



Finally, the other two events which are important to our school are our school’s folk dance group’s “Atlaja” victory and the highest state exam results in our district. These people achieve high goals and make us, the pupil of Silute pirmoji gymnasium, 
feel proud. They let us set out hard objectives and motivate us to achieve them, because they show us that with a lot of 
work we can achieve everything.

These events changed our thinking, they changed our lives. What happenings may occur in the future?