Lithuanian traditions of celebrations among young people

May 22nd, 2012 by radzvilaviciute3agne3s

by Agne Radzvilaviciute (1995),  Silute/Lithuania

Christmas eve. Lithuanian traditional dish for Christmas Eve is “kūčiukai” (little cookies from flour ant poppy seeds). On Christmas Eve a table has to be covered with twelve dishes, because Jesus had twelve apostles, but there can’t be any meat. It is the most important tradition. At the beginning of the Christmas Eve dinner all members stand up and the oldest member of the family prays loudly. Then the head of the family sits down and breaks traditional patty of Christmas Eve.

Christmas. On that day Lithuanians can do only most important jobs. They can not even cook food. On Christmas morning kids run to look under the Christmas tree. There they find presents. Before having breakfast all members of the family pray.

Pancake day. It is the day of the expulsion of winter. The most important tradition is to wear masks of witches, devils and animals. These masked people walk to every house and ask for pancakes or sweets. People carry a straw doll. After carrying down the main street, that doll is burned. People hold hands and dance around the fire place singing.

Easter. Before Easter, eggs are colored with plants, or natural wax. On Easter morning the Lithuanians strike eggs with each other in the family, where the hardest egg wins. Then eggs are rolled, and the egg which hits the biggest number of other, wins. It is believed that on Easter the Easter Grandma visits children. She brings sweet for good kids.

Midsummer day. The Lithuanians believe in the magic power of this day. On this day people wear the wreath of ruth. At twelve o’clock p.m. everybody dances around the fire, which symbolizes the sun. At night people to search for a fern blossom in the forests. People in Lithuania believe that a person who finds a fern blossom will be fortunate all his life.

Coping with stress

January 4th, 2012 by radzvilaviciute3agne3s

Stress affects us all sometimes. It can blow problems out of all proportions. It can make the minor problem (what am I going to wear for that party?) feel like a matter of life or death and the prospect of a big event such as an exam seem like the end of the world.

The world has changed a lot, there are more pressures put on young people if they want to succeed. They become nervous about having the right jeans, the right mobile phone or expensive pair of trainers. For many teenagers day starts at school. When teenagers hear the word “exam”, they begin to panic. Teenagers feel sick and just want to give up. There are also the pressures of large workloads, long days and the wish to be liked by schoolmates. At home there might be family problems such as arguing with parents or siblings. A typical teenager gets stressed by being stuck in a relationship. Sometimes they don’t know if they are in or out of love. If you ever had too many late nights and ended up in tears over nothing, you will know what I mean.

There are many causes for stress, and the ways it is expressed are different. Stress can make you feel as if you don’t want to be around with other people. It can put you off your food or lead to eating disorders, stop you sleeping properly and even be the reason for stomach pains, or headaches. That’s when getting one bad mark makes you think you’re a total failure.

Despite all the negative effects, stress can actually be good for you. A small amount of it can give you the feeling of excitement and make you act. The most important thing is to find the right balance.

It’s also good to know that many of us use stress-busters. We do things to beat stress every day without knowing it. We go to our room and put the music on really loud, go out to kick a ball around or just chat to a friend.

Whatever you do, recognizing and dealing with stress is vital. Don’t forget that if you learn how to cope with stress, your life will be better and more enjoyable. Just don’t suffer in silence! Do regular exercise, and take up some new activities and always smile.

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