The future might bring…

Usually everyone‘s future belongs just on themselves. Even in our childhood we were thinking about it. We were dreaming about our jobs and what we will look like or how many kids we will have. However, having grown up a little bit, we make other plans: we try to achieve good results in education in order to get a good job. Now I am deep in thought about my future. I Want to finish school with good results and later enter the university and work at the place I have always wanted to. I have always been thinking and I will, that it is meaningless to guess the future. It comes faster than we expect and it might be different from that, what you believed in. Hovewer, the future was and will be the most popular theme for journalists and writers. Now , you can find a lot of old articles on the Internet where people are trying to write about the future.

Imagine: you just think about calling and talking with your friend when your mobile phone immediately rings at without touch. In the future, it may be that a person will come up to the ATM, will have a look at the screen and it will recognize his face or form, by scanning the iris of the eye. You will no longer need a bank PIN and credit card. That such technologies are not a miracle was confirmed by our scientists who are contributing to technological progress.

Soon, everyone will be able to get a huge amount of information at reasonable prices, but then we will face the problem of information overload. We will have to create smart databases and devices that will extract the most important information. We can imagine that in the future we will be able to have our own devices, which will regularly and comprehensively monitor our body’s activities. Medications will be invented that will treat currently incurable diseases as well as vaccines which will protect against infectious diseases.

What is the future for our country? Lithuania is not a big country, but each country‘s most valuable asset – its people. While the world population is growing rapidly, in Lithuania it is the opposite – the decline. Currently, Lithuania is home to some 3.4 million inhabitants. If all small and large Lithuanian people joined hands, they would still surround the entire territory of Lithuania, but how long will it be? 12 years ago in Lithuania were 3.7 million people. Why is the population rapidly declining in our country? What happened? And the most important question is what is waiting for us in the future? In recent years, there were more people dying than born. A little bit earlier, the traditional Lithuanian family used to have about two or three children, but now, it has just one or two kids. The other very important reason which couses the decrease of population is emigration. Why are our countrymen leaving their native land, their friends, intimates, home? There is only one answer – these people are looking for better living conditions, which were created due to technological progress.

I bedieve that technological developments will make our life easier and improve our living standards.

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