Emigration from Lithuania

By Deividas Rimkus, Šilutės pirmoji gimnazija/Lithuania.

From the old times people have been emigrating from Lithuania. Nowadays it is becoming the biggest problem in our country. People emigrate because they want to have a better life, better speciality and better payment for the work.They do so, for this reason Lithuania is going to lose a lot of good quality workers who live here.

According to statistics people most emigrate to the UK and Ireland. These countries are attractive to the Lithuanians. In 2009 more than a third of the Lithuanians moved to live in the UK.

Emigrants are often from 20 to 34, and due to this, every eighth emigrant is a child under 18. We can make the conclusion that young families are leaving our country because they are looking for a better life.

There are a lot of cases when parents leave their infants to foster-parent and it is very painful. Parents often leave their children to grandparents, aunts, uncles, their brothers and sisters, but there are a lot of cases when parents leave their children to friends or neighbours.

In our region according to statistics in 2010 parents left 117 kids in charge of other people and very often these children are from villages (60), but also from towns (57).The age of the abandoned children are from 10 to 14.

When parents leave their children, they do much harm to them. Children feel lonely, they retire into themselves and a lot of other things happen to them. They begin to find friends who are left by their parents too. These children start to drink, smoke or do worse things.

So, the problem of emigration is very big in Lithuania. First of all we can make a conclusion that people wouldn‘t move from Lithuania if they didn‘t have problems. But if they decided to do it parents should take their children with them.

Here is our survey.

Deividas Rimkus and Roberta Stirbytė

2 Responses to “Emigration from Lithuania”

  1. From a little survey that I made in my class, it emerges that most of my classmates want to go to another country when they finish school. Some of them think to go and study abroad while others hope to work abroad. I asked them where they would like to go and most answered that they would choose the USA or the UK, maybe forever, because they think those countries offer more opportunities. Some of them, however, are sure they will remain in Italy because they feel at home here.
    I made a little graphic to explain in which countries my schoolmates would like to go. Click on the link if you want to have a look.


  2. A good article and I agree with you except when you said, that parents should take their children with them. I think they should pay attention to their children’s personality because if they want to do bad things they will do. Certainly I am talking about teenagers. And if parents take their children with them, they lose their friends and begin to change their intercourse and then children retire into themselves.