There are a lot of means of communication in our days.The most popular are: mobile telephones, letters, the Internet, telegraph (in the past) and so on. People were searching for different ways to give the information in the past. The people carried the letters and the messages from one part to another, and it was the simplest way. The means of communication were improved, but some of them we have as well. The most popular means of communication are mobilephones and the Internet. It is because that they are the quickest and simplest of all. The telegraph is nolonger used in present, but we send letters when we want to deliver some important documents. The most popular means of communication is the Internet today. It is very easy to send photos, files, different letters in this way. The other popular means of communication is the mobilephone. We can‘t imagine our world without the telephone. It is very popular everywhere. It is very simple to use it, because you can reach the opponent everywhere and every time. Mobilephone is available to eveybody. The consumer can choose the best payment plan. You can send messages and talk a lot. It is very popular between young people. A mobilepnhone is the most popular means of communication today .

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