Active leisure time in Lithuania

There are many different ways to spend your free time in Lithuania. People find very interesting activities to do in their spare time, but mostly it depends on the season. It’s easier to find activities in summer, but when someone wants to express himself it’s possible to do it even in the cold weather conditions, you just need to find an activity which gives you pleasure.

You can fill your free time by having  interesting hobbies, holiday or if you play any kind of sport. It‘s even hard to say how many different kinds of sport exist and sport takes a very important part of our everyday life. The most popular sport in Lithuania is basketball. In Lithuania this team started to play this game in 1920 and the first basketball match took place in Kaunas 1922, 23 April. In Lithuania here was a European basketball championship and Lithuania took the 5th place. Other popular sports are football, boxing, tennis, swimming, fitness, sailing, cycling, etc.

I guess everyone agrees that active leisure time takes a lot of energy, but gives us new adventures, feelings, memories and confidence.

One Response to “Active leisure time in Lithuania”

  1. Toś Tomasz says:

    In Poland, young people also relax by doing sports. In my city, witch actually is Cracow, we have many places like free tannis cousts, many swimming pools or fun parks, where we can spend our free time in really nice way. In my opinion, our nationality sport is volleyball. We’ve got many clubs with thousends of young volleyball talents.