Letter From the Editor

LT 2012

By Lothar Thiel, Deutsche Schule Bilbao/Spain.     Dear students, parents & teachers, dear contributors, readers & friends of trait d’union,   You are reading here the last article, posted on...

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Kannitverstan: Probleme interkultureller Kommunikation im 19. und 21. Jahrhundert


By the Class 6A (2011/12), Deutsche Schule Bilbao/Spain. Die Klasse 6a der Deutschen Schule Bilbao (Schuljahr 2011/12) verfilmte im Rahmen des Deutschunterrichts Johann Peter Hebels Kalendergeschichte "Kannitverstan" (1808) in zwei...

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Intercultural Driving Licence | Vocational: Leonardo da Vinci Projektmeeting an der Deutschen Schule Bilbao

icudriving meets trait d'union

By Lothar Thiel, Deutsche Schule Bilbao/Spain Intercultural Driving Licence | Vocational (Icudriving) – ein europäisches Projekt zur beruflichen Bildung (Text auf deutsch und spanisch / texto en alemán y español)...

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Treffen der Redakteure von trait d’union in Buxtehude (22.-26.4.2013 / Comenius-Projekt)


By Ana Barrena (1996), Deutsche Schule Bilbao/Spain. (Text auf deutsch und spanisch / texto en alemán y español) Die Deutsche Schule Bilbao ist bekannt für ihre Teilname an wissenschaftlichen oder...

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My adventure with Comenius - I am changing


By Dorota Szafraniec, 8LO Kraków/Poland. There are some slides from the presentation prepared for the last project meeting in Buxtehude. The presentation contains students' words at the beginning of their work...

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The Youth Spirit (3)


By Betül Bozkurt (1996) Tarsus/Turkey. Many people in the world say that the most beautiful periods of their life is their youth. Think. Is it really  the years when you...

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By Perihan Karaca (1996) Tarsus/Turkey. Social media is now an essential part of our lives. The increasing use of social media more and more especially changing  habits of youth fast....

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By Bayram Doğan (1996) Tarsus/Turkey. Our families are growing up with us again. They lived in their youth, according to their age. But time brings  development and change. For this...

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Happiness Without Obstacles


By Nakiye Güventürk (1996), Tarsus/Turkey.     Don’t forget that we all have a potential for being a disabled.Despite the necessary of putting ourselves in the shoes of them,we put...

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Dance and its Unchanging Meaning


By Sümeyye Serenboy (1996), Tarsus/Turkey.     Dance, what can we explain it’s meaning ? I think , it show our emotion with music and act . It does not...

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The contribution of the German School of Bilbao to trait d'union n° 9/2013

DSB Logo

By Lothar Thiel, Deutsche Schule Bilbao/Spain. This is an overview on the contribution of the German School of Bilbao to the trait d'union issue n° 9/2013 "Our World is Changing"....

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„Utopia“ von Thomas Morus


By Elena Hernández (1997), Deutsche Schule Bilbao/Spain. This article contains some information about Thomas Morus‘ novel “Utopia”. The author reflects also about the currentness and feasibility of some of its...

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